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Traveling in Cebu

It pays to know how to travel in Cebu.


There are 2 major terminals in Cebu, namely - the Southbound Terminal and the Northbound Terminal.

There are three major bus companies, namely - Ceres, RoughRider, and AutoBus.

Best Option is Ceres Bus (the yellow bus)!

If you are going to Moalboal, the other choice would be the Librando Bus Terminal near EMall (just a few meters away from the Southbound bus terminal). Travel time to Moalboal is 3 hours or 99 kms.

If you are going to Oslob, take the Ceres ride to Bato via Oslob. Travel time is 3.5 hours or 117 kms.

If you are going to Malapascua Island, take the bus with the Maya signage (either Ceres or Roughrider). Travel time is 4 hours or 147 kms. Fare from Cebu City to Maya using Ceres is P163 for non-aircon and P170 for aircon.

The first pumpboat to Malapascua from Maya port leaves 7:30 am and the last is 6 pm.
From Malapascua to Maya port, the first pumpboat leaves 6 am and the last is 3 pm. Fare is P80.00 and the total cost of the boat (in case you want to charter it) is P1,200.

Chartering the boat from Malapascua Island to Bantayan cost P2,500.

If you are going to Bantayan Island, take the bus with the signage Hagnaya. Travel time is 4 hours or 111 kms. From Hagnaya port, take the Ro-Ro to Bantayan Island. Travel time is 45 minutes. Ro-Ro service is from 6 am to 6pm. There are 2 shipping lines servicing the route.

If you are going to Camotes Island, take the bus ride with signage of either Hagnaya or Maya and alight at the Danao Port. Travel time is 1 hour. Fare is P60.00. From Danao port, take the Ro-Ro to Consuelo port in Camotes Island. There is only one shipping company servicing the route - Jomalia Shipping. Fare is P180 for non-aircon and P200 for aircon.

Schedule of trips 
Danao port to Consuelo port - 5:30am; 8:30am; 10:00am; 12:00nn; 5:30pm; 9:30pm
Consuelo to Danao - 4:00am; 5:30am; 9:00am; 12:00nn; 2:00pm; 4:00pm

Contact persons -
Danao - Meme 0906-364-0873
Consuelo - Jomari 0923-338-7566

There is 1 airport in Cebu which is situated in Mactan Island.

If you are coming from Asia, it is better to go straight to Cebu rather than pass the Manila airport. Note that the airport is actually on Mactan Island, 15 kms east of Cebu City.

The following are the domestic airlines servicing Cebu, namely - AirPhil (now, PAL Express), Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines (PAL), South East Asian Airlines (SeaAir), and ZestAir. The flight from Manila to Cebu is more or less one hour.


There are so many piers (1-7) in Cebu. It is better to be sure to check your pier, destination, time of departure and the shipping lines. I got lost several times at the piers of Cebu.

The bigger passenger-ferry lines are 2Go and Weesam. 

Tickets can be bought in Robinzon's Plaza, Ayala Center and SM City.

Otherwise you can book your ticket directly at the shipping company's booking office, which in many cases will be at the port, usually at the pier from which its boat departs.

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  1. Hi Sir, we are travelling for 5days & 4nights. On our 1st day we plan to go straight to Bohol upon arrival at Cebu Mactan airport. From Cebu we will tracel via ferry going to Tubigon which will then have to travel to tagbilaran. We only plan to do a day trip in Bohol. Particularly, we only wanted to see chocolate hills, man made forrest, hanhing bridge, loboc river cruise and last one is panglao island. Ive researched and it'd be best to just rent a private car for all 4 of us. Ive read in one blog that we can rent a private boat from panglao that will take us to our next destination which is Oslob. We plan on leaving panglao say by 5pm and if we can still travel that time to Oslob then we will rather find a place to stay in Oslob. Early on the next day we only plan to do whaleshark swimming, tumalog and kawasan falls. Our next planned destination are Bantayan, malapascua. Could you help us please of how we will transport from kawasan to Bantayan. I understand that it's from north and south so we would like to know how will we manage our time and transpo going to bantayan. Hoping you could help us with our trip. Maraming salamat po