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Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte

The first time I witnessed kitesurfing was in Dos Palmas, Palawan. Second time was in Baler, Aurora. And from then on I was awed by this extreme sport!

While in Naga City and CamSur Watersports Complex in Pili, Camarines Sur, foreigners have been talking about kite surfing in Bagasbas. and out of curiosity, I went to Bagasbas Beach..

There are 2 well-known tourist spots in Camarines Norte, Calaguas Island and Bagasbas Beach. 

Bagasbas Beach is 4 kilometers or 10 minutes away from Daet, Camarines Norte. From the town, go to the market and ride a tricycle to Bagasbas. The fare is P10.00/pax or P40.00 for the entire trip.

From Manila, ride a bus going to Daet in Cubao (preferably DLTB, near Superlines). The travel time is 8-9 hours depending on the traffic in San Pablo and Sariaya. Fare in aircon bus is around P400.00.

There are so many activities/adventures that you can do while you are in Bagasbas such as kitesurfing, surfing, paragliding and sunrise viewing. But the primary reason why foreigners go to this place is kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport.

The wind and the waves are so strong that Bagasbas is best-suited for surfing and kitesurfing.

People frolic while they enjoy the early morning surge of waves in the beach.


1. Surfing

Surfboard rent and lesson 
Contact nos. - 0921-744-8407; 0939-908-0024

2. Paragliding

Cost - P3,000
Contact number - 0999-458-0902
1 hour of paragliding

3. Kitesurfing

You need a professional instructor for this.


There are plenty of lodging houses and hotels in the area. You can even stay in Daet.

But one of the best hotels is the Bagasbas Lighthoouse.

Contact nos. - (054)731-0355; 0917-510-1856; 0999-992-2898
Deluxe rooms -2,750

Standard Trailer - P1,750

Family Suite - P4,450

Deluxe Trailer - P2,450

Beach House

Harriet - 0912-721-3229
Ronna - 0912-217-2712

Backpacker's Room

Contact no. (054)-731-0355

It's More Fun in Bagasbas!

Calaguas Island

Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island

Calaguas Island is a paradise!

How to get there

From Buendia, Cubao or Pasay, ride a bus (preferably DLTB, Superlines) going either to Daet or Naga City. Travel time is 8-9 hours depending on the traffic in San Pablo City and Sariaya. Fare is around P513.00 (ordinary aircon) or P650 (Executive class). You have two options were to alight. 

Terminal in Buendia is in LRT-Taft station.

Terminal in Pasay is near Winston Hotel or Sogo Hotel.

Terminal in Pasay is near Ali Mall or Farmer's.

Option 1 - Daet - Take the van going to Paracale. The terminal of the van is in the Daet market near the church and the cost is P180.00. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.

Option 2 - Alight at Talubatibo, Labo (crossing going to Paracale), hire a tricyle for P300 OR wait for the bus going to Paracale (every 30-40 minutes). Travel time is 30 minutes only.

If you are traveling alone, it's better to go to Daet and pay the P180 or wait for the bus.

But if you are traveling with your friends, it's better to hire the tricycle and divide the amount of fare with your friends. 

From Naga City (in case you opted using the plane) or in case you are coming from CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), go to LCC Mall terminal for the van going to Daet. From Naga City to Daet is 2 hours and the fare is P180.00. First trip is 5 am and the last trip to Date is 8 pm. Then reaching Daet, take the van going to Paracale. Travel time to the port is 1 hour.

From Daet,  board the van going to Paracale. 

Paracale Port

There are two ports going to Calaguas Island, namely the Paracale Port and the Vinzons Port. Travel time in Paracale port to Calaguas Island is 1.5 hours. Travel time from Vinzons to Calaguas Island is 2-3 hours.

Better choice is the Paracale Port.

Hire a boat going to Calaguas Island (the fee includes the island hopping).

PARACALE PORT Contact pax and nos. -
Mang Boy - 0908-546-0683
Sam - 0920-803-1510
Rizza - 0948-362-4616 / 0910684-3649

Small boat (1-3 pax) P1,200 - 1, 500
Big boat (5-10 pax) P2,500 - P3,000
Bigger boat (20-25 pax) - P5,000 - P6000

Kagawad Biboy - 0947-533-6543 / 0999 585 6560

Smaller boats are available in Paracale.
Bigger boats are available in Vinzons.

Place to stay in Vinzons - Mac Resort (0919 400 2659)

After  1 hour and 30 minutes, we reached Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island.

There are cottages available at the beach. Only halo-halo and several beverages are sold at the island. So it's better to bring your own food.

You can also do camping in the beach. Make sure you bring your own tents and/or sleeping bags. But you can also rent for P200-300. Entrance fee is P120-150. Cottages are a bit expensive.

There are public toilets available. Fee is P10-20.

There are so many things you can do at Mahabang Buhangin like playing beach volleyball.

You can also trek the hills and the nearby barangay.

Tinago Island
Or go to Tinago Island (other side of Calaguas Island) by foot and the trek time is 20 minutes.

But the best thing to do is island hopping at the nearby islands.

The sea is a little bit rough and you will certainly get the additional adventure you want while island hopping.

In case of island hopping, you can go to 4-5 islands depending on your agreement with the owner of the boat.

Makulabo Island

Water is clearer in Makulabo Island.
Enjoy the island hopping experience! 

It's Really More Fun in Calaguas Island!


Island hoping at Caramoan

If Camarines Norte has Calaguas Island
Camarines Sur has Caramoan!

Van bound for Sabang
There are so many ways to go to this paradise resort in Camarines Sur.

How to get there

From Manila, take a bus in Cubao (preferably DLTB, near Superlines) going to Naga City, Bicol. Travel time is 9-10 hours. Once you are in Naga City, go to SM Naga City terminal of Sabang and board a van going to Sabang Port.

First trip of van is 4:00 am. Travel time to Sabang is 1.5 hours. Last trip is 7 pm. Fare is P100.00 only. Van will not depart unless they have the complete number of passengers. 

From CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili, take a habal-habal or tricycle ride to SM Naga City. Then, follow the procedure stated at SM Naga City. Fare is P100.00 and travel time is 10 minutes from CWC to SM Naga City.

Along the way, you will pass Tigaon, San Jose and then, Sabang. From Tigaon to Sabang port, travel time is 30 minutes.

Sabang Port
 At Sabang Port, first trip going to Caramoan is 5:30 am and the last trip going to Caramoan is around 1-2 pm.

Fare in the boat is P120.00 and travel time is 2 hours.

There is another port called the Nato Port. But this port is for Ro-Ro ships while Sabang is for pumpboats. Pumpboats are faster than Ro-Ro.

Last trip from Caramoan port to Sabang port is 1 pm.

Caramoan Port

After 2 hours, you will dock at the Caramoan Port. Hire either a habal-habal (1-2 pax only) or a tricycle (4-6 pax). Fare in the habal-habal is P150.00. While the tricycle fare is P300 for the trip itself.


Travel time is 4 hours and the fare is P300. The terminal of the bus is in Naga bus terminal near SM Naga.

7 am - aircon - P300
1 pm  - aircon - P300
2 pm - ordinary - P250
1 and 1:30 pm - aircon - P300

5 am - aircon - P300
7 am - ordinary - P250
11 am - Cubao/Alabang - P250
12 noon - aircon - P300

RAV Transportation Services
Van for Hire
Derick Villegas
(043) 778-4657
(043) 703-0435
Facebook: RAV Electronic Services
Address: 938 Brgy. Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas 4232

Transportation / Tour services to any point of Luzon
Brand New Foton Traveller vehicles available
Equipped with GPS, wifi, videoke, RFID, Sky TV
Satisfaction Guaranteed! =)

Caramoan  Church

You can choose from several resorts in Caramoan.  Along the way, you can drop by at the Caramoan church.

The best resort/place is the Gota Village Resort.

Gota 1
 Small Wood Cabana - P2,500
Medium Wood Cabana - P3,000
Large Wood Cabana - P3,750

Hunongan Cove
Duplex - P5,000
Mountain Side - P6,500

Beach Front
1 Queen size bed - P7,500
Deluxe Cove - P8,500
Presidential Suite - P10,000

The other option is to go to Paniman beach.

There are two beachfront resorts (aside from the other small resorts and the homestay at Paniman).

In case you want a simple habal-habal tour, cost is P300.

Breeze and Waves Cottages

Room rates - 
1,500 for 2 pax
200 for every extra bed
maximum capacity of 5 pax/room

Contact persons/numbers
Freddie - 0908-291-1072
Labeth - 0919-831-9497
Myrna - 0918-913-9623

La Playa aka Puerto Merced

Room rates
Fan room - P800
Aircon - P1,200 and P2,500

Contact Nos. - 0920-281-6362; 0919-873-9011; 

From the port to Gota, travel time is 30 minutes.

From the port to Paniman, travel time is 45 minutes.

The best white-sand beaches are found in the islands of Caramoan. It is a must that you have to do island hopping. 

Island Hopping - Freddie 0908-2911072
Cost - P2,500

The island hopping covers Mother of Peace, Bag-ing Island,Cotivas Island, Manlawe sandbar, and Sabitanlaya Island.

In case you want to go to San Andres, Catanduanes, you can hire a small boat for P1,500 or a big boat for P2,500 - P3,000. Boat ride to Catanduanes is 1.5 hours.

It's More Fun in Caramoan!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Top 5 Island Destinations for Island Hopping!

The Philippines is blessed with islands and islets and that is the reason why one of the adventures tourists love doing in the Philippines is island hopping!

Having traveled almost all the provinces in the Philippines (4 more remains to be explored), I am sharing my pick on the top 5 island destinations for island hopping.

1. El Nido, Palawan (Luzon)

Big Lagoon

El Nido has always been my favorite. It is a protected marine reserve. It has the Snake Island, Small Lagoon, Helicopter island, White sandbars, and the Big Lagoon. The water is so crystal-clear, it is best for snorkeling and scuba diving. Simlpy amazing!
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2. Coron, Palawan (Luzon)

Kayangan Lake
Coron offers the variety of nature tripping experience you will simply love and adore. It has the Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoons, and the Skeleton Shipwreck. You can also go to Malcapuya Island.

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3. Caramoan, Bicol (Luzon)

The Survivor series was shot in these islands. That's all!

4. Siargao, Surigao Del Norte (Mindanao)

Guyam Island

Aside from Siargao Island itself, you can explore namely - Dako Island, Guyam Island and Naked Island. And even go farther to Bucas Grande Island.

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5. Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Luzon)

Snake Island
Honda Bay is the nearest island hopping tour in Palawan. It has various islands to go to and all the islands have white-sand beaches.

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Biri Rock Formations (Northern Samar)

I attempted thrice before successfully going to this island.

First attempt was last May 2012, my dad got sick and I was not able to go even though I had already booked myself and paid for it.

Second attempt was last November 2012, there was a typhoon signal No. 2. You simply cannot go to this island whenever there is a typhoon. 

Third attempt was last March 28, 2013 and finally I was successful!

Lesson of the story - Never give up your dream.

Tip - Go to Biri Island only on summer.

On  with the show..

How to get there

From Catarman airport, ride a jeepney/van/bus to Lavizares Port (1 hour).

From Catbalogan, ride a van (I suggest Van-Vans, Dup Tours or Grand Tours) to Calbayog (2 hours) and then, another van (Grand Tours only) to Allen (1.5 hours) and go to Lavizares Port.

From Calbayog, Grand Tours van to Allen (1.5 hours) and from Allen, tricycle to Lavizares Port (25 minutes).

From the Port of Allen, Northern Samar, hire a tricycle to Lavizares Port. The cost if you are going to hire the tricycle is P120 or 20/pax. 

Reaching the Lavizares Port, ride a boat (P50.00/pax and wait or charter the boat 700-900 depending on the season. I hired the boat for P900 (peak season).

Travel time from the Lavizares port to Biri Port is 45 minutes.

Best time to go to Biri Island is early in the morning so that you will catch the beautiful sunrise at the bay and when you stay in Biri, choose either the sunrise or sunset.

The moment you reach Biri Port, you have to hire a habal-habal (single motorcycle). There are no jeepneys or tricycle at the island.

Fare for the habal-habal to the rock formation is around P150-200 depending on your agreement. You can ask the driver to give you time to take your pictures and wander around and enjoy the scenery and fetch you afterwards.

If you are going to hire a guide, the rate is P300 for the entire day (cheapest deal) unless he gives you a higher rate. 

My guide that day was Mr. Rommel Espineda (0916-685-1002).  He is the best!

The ride to the rock formation is 15-20 minutes.

Then, you are going to trek a bit for 15 minutes before reaching the spot.

Then, the adventure begins at end of the boardwalk since you have to walk the mangrove towards the rock formations.

Tip - It is very slippery. Be very careful!

Then, be amazed!

There are a total of 6 major rock formations.

You need 2 days to see and explore all the rock formations!

  I used my zoom lens to cover 3 of the rock formations. 
I was able to go to only one of them. You can do camping while you are here.


Biri Resort

Aircon - P1,500
Non-aircon - P750-850

Villa Amor

Aircon - P1,500

Non-Aircon -
upstairs - P1,000.00
downstairs - P600.00

And this one..

Nobody was there when I tried to inquire. This is the nearest to the port and the farthest to the rock formations.

In case there are no available accommodations, the locals offer homestay accommodations.

It's Really More Fun in Biri Island!!!!

For my student, Ms. Lore-Anne Espineda, who loves and is proud of her home island so much! =)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Visita Iglesia - 2013 (Naga City and Pili, CamSur)

I won't miss doing my annual visita iglesia. I had to stop my tour for one day and focus on my visita iglesia in Camarines Sur. I was on Day 9 of my tour (it's actually a 14-day tour).

My year won't be complete without asking for forgiveness, repenting and extending my heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings HE has given to me.

Thank you Lord! =)  

First stop - Naga Metropolitan Cathedral

Second stop - Parish of San Francisco, Naga City

Third stop - Our Lady of Penafrancia Cathedral, Naga City

Fourth Stop - Immaculate Concepcion Parish, Naga City

Fifth stop - Carmelite Monastery, Naga City

Sixth stop - St. Jude Thaddues Parish, Naga City

Seventh stop - Holy Cross Parish, Tabuco, Naga City

Eight stop - Christ The King Parish, Palestina, Pili

Ninth stop - Cadlan Chapel, Pili

Tenth stop - Sto. Nino Chapel, Naga City

Eleventh stop - Immaculate Concepcion Chapel, Pili

Twelfth Stop - Mater Salutis Parish, Pili

Thirteenth stop - Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Cadlan, Pili

Last stop - St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, San Jose, Pili

Again, Thank you Lord! =)