Monday, December 28, 2015

Reliving Phuket (last day) 2015

December 29, 2015
My last day in Phuket.

I woke up early and jogged the uphill run to Rang Hill. Second time to do it, the first was not that successful.

Sun was just rising but it was covered by the trees and I had no clear shot.

It took me 20 minutes before I reached the top of the hill. What a way to start one's day!

I stayed for half an hour and descended. Along the way, I was tempted to eat the Thai Beef Noodle Soup!

I packed after eating and did some laundry. Afterwards, I started my last tour in Phuket. The motorcycle showroom tour! I started at Honda Big Wing!

I have to say that the kindest staff belonged to Honda. Honestly, I love Honda!!! In fact, I have 3 Honda motorcycles. 😀

I was fascinated by the variety of big bikes. This is heaven!!!


There were just so many bikes!

Then, I went to Yamaha and Suzuki.

Last stop was Kawasaki and I also love Ninja! 

I love motorcycles.
I love the beach and the islands.
I love the adventures.

Reliving Phuket (James Bond Tour) 2015

My third time in Phuket and I am craving for more adventures!

I had to repeat my James Bond Tour. But this time I paid the lesser amount. Thanks to Fon (staff in Sino Inn), I was able to get it for only 2,200 Baht (original price was 2,800 Baht).

I was fetched by the van in my hotel around 8 am and we waited at the jump-off point of Putri Patri Tour.

Exactly 9:30 am, we went to the pier to board the luxury boat.

Weather was nice that day and the sea was calm. The start of a great adventure!

Off we went to our voyage. The 4 in 1 Canoe Adventure is a must-try adventure in Phuket!

Along the cruise, I was again entertained by the superb and amazing scenery of Phuket.

After one hour, we are nearing Panak Island, an island laden with monkeys.

I boarded the canoe and off we went to the cave.

The cave reminded me of my adventures in PPUR in Palawan.

My guide explained the different rock formations inside the cave.

After getting out of the cave, my guide allowed me to paddle the canoe around the bay.

A long-tail boat! I've always wanted to try that!

I got tired and rested for a while.

After 30 minutes, we went to the next destination which was about 20 minutes away from Panak Island.

The Hong Island is my favorite among the three islands.

Again, my guide paddled me around Hong Bay. The view was simply spectacular!

We even went to the small openings of the cave in Hong Island.

And we roamed around for 30 minutes.

This is a picture of a guy having a great time in Phuket!

I was ALL SMILES! This is fun!

After the canoeing, buffet lunch was served to all the guests.

After lunch, we cruised to the last island destination. About 15 minutes away from Hong Island.

We boarded a long-tail boat in order to reach the opening of the island.

I relived my long-tail boat ride!

Finally, the James Bond Island in Phang Nga Islands.

We were allowed to stay only for 30 minutes and we waited for our ride back tp the luxury boat.

Last part of the trip was swimming time but I did not want to get wet. 

After the tour, we were brought back to my hotel and I jogged at Rang Hill.

That night I also went to the Expo.

And my trip in Thailand will not be complete without a Thai massage.

One hour Thai massage for 300 Baht and. Shoulder, Back and Head massage for 380 Baht. It was a bit painful but it soothed all the pain away.

Amazing Thailand! I LOVE PHUKET!

(First blog made through an iphone)

Reliving Phuket (Racha and Coral Island Tour) 2015

December 27, 2015
Third day in Phuket, Thailand
Original schedule was to go to Similan and Tachai Island Tour.
I guess I have to settle for the Racha and Coral Island Tour.

Originally, the price was 1,800 Baht. But Fon, staff of Sino Inn, was able to get it for 1,200 Baht. The following morning, I was waiting in Chalong Pier.

Exactly 9:30 am, we boarded the motorboat to start our tour.

The ride to the islands was really bumpy! The waves were very strong that morning!

After 30 minutes, we arrived at Coral Island. We stayed there for only 1 hour.

The other guests snorkeled, I took pictures and roamed the island.

Next stop, Racha Island (or Raya Island). It took us only 20 minutes before reaching the next island.

Raya Island was the place where we took our buffet lunch. Some of us walked and the others took a taxi!

After lunch, we went back to the beach.

I did not want to get wet! I roamed around the beach and again took souvenir pictures.

We stayed in the island for more than 2 hours. Thereafter, boarded the boat back to the mainland.

I rested at the hotel and then went to the night market. They have night market only during weekends.

And last part of the itinerary was seeing Alen Mae Almazan. Thank you Alen!

I Love Thailand!