Monday, October 29, 2012

My Travels in the Philippines..

My Travels in the Philippines

I am about to conclude my travels in the Philippines by  2013. 

I started year 2006 traveling around the Philippines.I started in Luzon since I am from Batangas. Usually, I travel for one to two weeks. And I travel alone.
I am a lawyer by profession, teaching is my passion and traveling is my way of living life to its fullest. 
I want to promote the Philippines in my own simple way.
Having traveled the major tourist spots in the Philippines and still traveling the remote areas in the Visayas and MIndanao, I can really say that indeed - “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” 
My friends, students, and peers have been asking me to make a travel blog. Today, marks the start of that day. 
I will do my part of making them happy, promoting our country, and sharing my treasured experiences in the Philippines.
Let’s go guys! =)

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