Sunday, June 21, 2015

Camaya Sands and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bataan

The historical place of Bataan has many tourist spots to offer
and here are two of the best spots.

May 2015

After so many attempts to go to these two spots, finally I was given the chance to visit them in just one day.

From Tanauan City, Batangas, I boarded the bus going to Buendia-Taft, Pasay and alighted at the LRT station. I boarded the LRT going to Monumento and alighted at Doroteo Jose. In Doroteo Jose, there are two bus companies to choose from namely: Bataan Transit and Genesis. I chose the latter.There are also bus companies in Cubao. I boarded the bus going to Mariveles. It took me 3 hours before reaching the town of Mariveles. From Manila, it is 171 kilometers and the fare was P280 (same in Cubao)

Reaching Mariveles, the problem started when I was told that there are no public transport going to Camaya Coast or Camaya Sands and the only option was to hire a tricycle for the amount of P450. I asked for a discount and fair enough, I was able to hire the trike for P400. The ride going to Camaya Sands is 16 kilometers from the town or 50 minute ride from the town. So, it's a lot better to bring your own car for this trip. The ferry ride from Manila was no longer available.

After an hour, I was able to reach the entrance and I was told by the security guards that there slated rides to the resort. I arrived 12 noon and the next ride was 1:30. I told them that I cannot wait that long. Luck was on my side, they called a guy who was working inside and the guy gave me ride to the resort. I asked the trike driver to wait for me at the gate. And told him, I will give him a total of P600 if he would wait and he will be my ride back to town. The driver agreed for P650. 

I was happy even though my rides were a bit high. I've been dreaming of this resort for months and finally, I'm here! The motorcycle ride was smooth and relaxing. The terrain and the landscapes of the resort were amazing. From the entrance to the registration area, it is 3 kilometers.

From the top of the highway going to the resort, you can have a bird's eye-view of Camaya Sands. I was already excited!

After 15 minutes, I was already at the registration area. I paid P550 for the entrance and it includes the use of the beach, swimming pools and a free lunch.

Camaya Sands

I roamed around the beach area and took souvenir pictures. There were minimal tourists that day. Good thing it was a Thursday.

I have not seen the other beaches in Bataan. But this one is white sand.

What I love about this resort is the view and the ambience. It's cozy and relaxing!

Even the huts and cottages are world-class.

And they even have an infinity pool.

After staying for more than an hour and taking my free lunch, I decided to go to my other destination. Two-thumbs up for this resort!

I boarded the trike back to the town of Mariveles and alighted at Genesis bus station. I boarded the bus going back to Manila. I told the conductor that I was going to Las Cas Filipinas De Acuzar. I was told that I have to alight at Pilar crossing in Barangay Alaule. I paid P75 for the 42-kilometer ride. I alighted at crossing and had two choices, namely: a mini-bus for P30 or a jeepney ride. The jeepney ride was better but I took the mini-bus going to Acuzar.

I alighted at the trike station and paid P20 for the ride going to Acuzar. 

Las Islas Filipinas De Acuzar

I went to the registration area and paid P685 for the entrance fee with tour. But I did not join the tour due to lack of time. I have to go back to Batangas that day. And so I roamed around the area on foot and without a guide.

The place reminded me of the heritage houses of Vigan, Taal, Marinduque, Intramuros and Sariaya. By the way, the P685 payment includes a free towel and a welcome drink. There is P800 plus payment for the food. I chose the P685.

They also have an infinity pool.

The view was simply awesome and spectacular as if I was not in the Philippines!

Good thing I have my action camera and I was able to take pictures.

The houses are well-preserved. According to what I have seen in TV, these houses are from the different parts of the country and they were bought, transferred piece-by-piece and assembled here in Bataan.

I love this place! 

The designs and facade of the heritage houses are way beyond comparison.

My only regret was I was not able to join the tour. One of the amenities of joining the actual tour is that you can enter the heritage houses.

But the best part of the area is the hotel and I was not able to enter the hotel!

After staying for nearly 2 hours, I decided to go back to Batangas. 

I boarded another tricycle to the jeepney station going to Balanga. The fare was P30 and the ride was good for 45 minutes.  In Balanga, again, I boarded the Genesis bus going to Avenida. The bus ride was good for almost 3 hours and the fare was P200 (118 kilometers). Then, I boarded the bus going to Batangas.

Bataan is simply Amazing!


  1. Is Camaya open to the public? The last time I was in Bataan (a few years back) one needed to know somebody who was a member or something. Oh well :(

    I have been wanting to go to Las Casas! I really should go there soon. Thanks for the photos.

  2. How much time did you spend travelling from Mariveles to Las Casas? I'm planning on taking a ferry ride to Mariveles then bus ride from Mariveles to Bagac :)

  3. Hi! Would you mind if you post the list of expenses? :) Thanks!