Thursday, January 7, 2016

Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

January 1, 2016
My first tour for 2016
One of the Seven Wonders of the World

My first time to celebrate New Year abroad and my first tour for 2016 was celebrated in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Before I start with my blog, I would like to extend my heartfelt and warmest gratitude and thanks to STARS HOTEL.

Add: 26 Bat Su Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tel: +84.4.3828.1911
Fax: +84.4.3828.1928
Hotline: 0989.945.983 (Ms. Anne)

For only 14 USD/day, I experienced one of the best accommodations in my travel outside the Philippines. The facilities and accommodation were excellent, superb and more than the worth of the money that I paid. Two thumbs up for STARS HOTEL!

And the members of the hotel staff were very accommodating, courteous, caring, respectful, hospitable, and always willing to lend a help to your needs.

And they gave me the best-priced, cheapest but world-class tours in Hanoi!

Day 3

Day 1, I arrived in Hanoi.
Day 2, I experienced the Perfume Pagoda Tour.
Day 3 - A world-class tour!


Around 8am, I was fetched by the bus for  my tour in Halong Bay. Travel time was 4 hours from Hanoi to Halong Bay by bus.

After 4 hours, we boarded a small boat and boarded the luxury or cruise boat for our Halong Bay Tour. There were only 12 of us for the said cruise.

We ate our lunch onboard the boat.

Luckily, I did not share the room with anyone! 

And off we go to Halong Bay!

I was so happy! Finally, Halong Bay!

The scenic view of Halong Bay was spectacular!

Breathtaking! Amazing! Mesmerizing!

Past 3 pm, we went to our first spot as part of the itinerary of our cruise. We boarded again the small boat and docked in an island.

Our tour guide explained the importance of Halong Bay as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Thereafter, we ascended to the cave.

From the top of the cave, another breathtaking view of Halong Bay!

We explored the interior of the cave.

Spelunking in Halong Bay!

After an hour, we exited at the opposite side but the view was still jaw-dropping!

We went back towards the boat and enjoyed the scenery.

This is Halong Bay!

Later, we did another part of the itinerary, kayaking!

Kayaking was good only for one hour.

And with an Australian, I paddled around Halong Bay!

Past 8pm, we took our dinner on the cold waters of Halong Bay.

Day 4

The weather improved. It was only 17 degrees compared to the weather on the first day of 14 degrees. We have the sunlight that day.

And we continued to explore Halong Bay!

We went to Titop Island for our trek and swim.

Titop Island was named after a Russian cosmonaut who visited Vietnam.

We ascended for an hour.

And finally reached, the top of Titop Island.

I was all smiles at the top of the island.

Then, we descended. Some of my tourmates enjoyed the scenery and the others took a dip at the cold waters of Halong Bay.

Romantic indeed!

Then, we boarded the luxury boat and we went back to the mainland.

Last part of the itinerary was making the spring roll.

After 2 days and 1 night, we docked at the port.

Another 4-hour ride back to Hanoi and along the way, I saw the lake in Hanoi.

I ate another Vietnamese food!

Explored Old Quarter, the park and the lake. 

I promised myself that I will be back!

Hanoi is a place for lovers.

The lake and the park were outstanding!

Before leaving Vietnam, I had to do last minute shopping at the night market.

And eat Bun Cha for the last time! Till my next travel in Hanoi!

Thank you STARS HOTEL!
Thank you Tony, Kim, Hien and Xiao Tian!!


  1. The view was incredible, Halong bay is truly one of the world best natural wonders! Everything about the boat was great with exceptional service, friendly staff, delicious food, spacious cabins and other amenities. I couldn’t ask for more. Really great value for money.

  2. Halong Bay has always been a top tourist attraction of Vietnam. I have come here and really beautiful view of the digital pulse before special landscape here. The pictures you take are many and great.