Saturday, May 28, 2016

Port Barton and Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan

Finally, after years of anticipation and planning, I have visited San Vicente Palawan!

San Vicente is known for the laid-back white sand beach of  Port Barton and the 14 -kilometer undeveloped shoreline of Long Beach (Mahabang Buhangin), the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. Two of the top ten destinations in Palawan.

I had only two days to spare in Port Barton and I had to make the best out of it.

How to get there

Board a plane to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Upon arrival in Puerto Princesa, just outside the airport, there are numerous vans plying the route of Port Barton. If you will be booking thru a travel agency, they will charge P500.00  But the actual fare is only P250-300. Travel time is 3 hours. The best and most reliable is Recaro Transport.

Upon arrival in PPC, I immediately boarded the Recaro Transport van ride to Port Barton. It took us three (3) hours before reaching the town of Port Barton and majority of the passengers were foreigners.

White Beach
Day 1

I was able to find a room to stay for the night and I paid only P500 for the stay. I immediately rented a boat courtesy of Mackie's help (0975-858-0078 / 0950-307-3513). His father is one of the boat operators in Port Barton and he is working in Recaro Transport. Mackie was the one who arranged my room and my boat ride. I rented the boat for only P400 and I was able to visit two places, White Beach and Sandbar (Puting Buhangin).

It took us only 15 minutes and we reached White Beach. I only took pictures and after 10 minutes, we left the island.

Next and last stop was the Sandbar.

The Sandbar is the favorite destination for overnight camping and sunset viewing.
Overnight camping plus the boat ride is P1,700.

And we waited for the sunset.

And good thing we waited, the sunset was spectacular!

Long Beach
Day 2 

The following morning, I rented the boat of Mackie's father for the Long Beach ride and Port Barton Island Hoping Tour for a discounted rate. 

Port Barton Island Hopping Tour - P700/pax with meals (minimum of 4)
Drop to San Vicente - P1,500 (2-4 pax)
Port Barton to Long Beach and vice-versa - P2,500 (2-4 pax)
Both Port Barton and Long Beach - P5,000 (negotiable)
Private Island Hopping  (turtle watching, snorkling) - P2,500

Long Beach
After nearly two hours, we were able to arrive at Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan. The beach is not accessible by boat during rainy season and the best time to go there is from March - May only. During rainy season (June-December), it can be reached only using a motorcycle ride from the town of San Vicente.

We stayed only for 20 minutes, took pictures, enjoyed the beach and left the island.

We went back to Port Barton and after nearly 2 hours, we reached Paradise Cove Island (Cagnipa Island).

Next stop was Coconut Garden Island also in Cagnipa Island.

Then, we passed the spot where Sea Tutles or Pawikans are abundant.

Next stop was the Exotic Island.

This is where tourists cook, prepare their meals and eat. Entrance fee is only P20.00.

It is one of the best spots to swim and enjoy the clear blue waters of Port Barton. 

Then, the island hopping continued from one island to another. We passed several islands and I lost track of the names of the islands along the journey. I was not mindful of the time nor the names of the islands and I was having the time of my life. This is Port Barton!

Last stop for the day was the German Island

German Island is the most popular island in Port Barton. Compared to the other islands, it offers the best facilities and amenities and it is the best place to dive and snorkel. Entrance fee is P50.00.

The white sand beach is one of the best reasons why it is frequently visited by tourists.

And the best place to snorkel in Port Barton is in German Island!

I snorkeled for an hour and enjoyed the various corals.

Just opposite the island is another island but it was not open to tourists. Past 2 pm, we went back to the town of Port Barton.

Mangrove Trip using a motorbike or boat
Water falls using a motorbike (there are two waterfalls)
Butterfly watching
Scuba Diving
Overnight in the Island

Port Barton to El Nido by van
Port Barton to Puerto Princesa by Van
Port Barton to Sabang 

In case you need boat transport in Port Barton, please contact Mackie's Father - (0975-858-0078 / 0950-307-3513).

I definitely enjoyed Port Barton!


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