Saturday, March 25, 2017

Return to Dubai

The purpose: To spend the New Year in Dubai!

About a year ago, I made a promise and I did keep my promise. Last December 30, 2016, I went back in Dubai to celebrate my New Year in UAE.

Day 1
Fortunately, Onil Castillo (fellow traveller) was also in Dubai and we roamed around in Dubai with my very dear friend and master, MJ Corillo

December 30, 2016 was my late flight to Dubai and MJ was kind enough to fetch me anew at the airport. and she accompanied me to my hotel.

The following morning, the three of us were on our way to Old Souk.

My trip to Dubai to will not be complete without using their water transport at the Creek.

I was delighted that I was reunited with MJ Corillo. 

We went to Old Souk and did a bit of shopping for my parents and my siblings.

After Old Souk, Maria Crisnel Chin joined us in our trip to Outlet Mall.and enjoyed shopping branded goods such as Lacoste, Northface and Levis 501.

We parted ways afterwards but MJ and I went to Baniyas for my perfume shopping!

And the finale of the day, the fireworks at Burj Khalifa!

The fireworks was spectacular!

After the fireworks, Marvic Siman. Chin and I  went to a coffee shop and shared  stories.

Day 2

I slept all day and late afternoon I went to one of the malls in the vicinity.

Day 3

The most awaited day!

After nearly 3 years, I will finally see one of my dearest friends, Genine Pedreno

First stop of the day was in Miracle Garden. I love flowers!

I went here last year but it was close during November.

We were planning to go to to Souk Madinat. But time was not on our side. Instead, we went to Dubai Marina to visit one of my favorite spots in Dubai.

Dubai Marina

- Speechless -

Dubai trip will not be complete without seeing RJoy Katherine Javier!

She was on-duty on her job but she was gracious in treating us with food and drinks at her place of work. 

Let's drink to that!

Last stop was in dinner in Baniyas. Thank you Genine! I had a wonderful time!

Before going back to hotel, I met up with Denisse Francia.

I left Dubai that night and again, I made a promise - "I will be back!"

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