Monday, June 5, 2017

Back to Batanes for the Third Time

The original plan was to go to Itbayat. But due to inclement weather, it was a futile exercise.

Nonetheless, the adventure must go on.


Batanes is a place where the best landscapes and seascapes are abundant. And this is the reason why I have to relive for the third time my adventures in Batanes.

How to get there

From Manila
Board a flight either from PAL or Skyjet, fare ranges from 12,000-15,000

From Tuguegarao
Board a flight either from Sky Pasada or North Sky

Day 1 

I boarded a PAL flight going to Basco. 

Past 7:00 am, I arrived in Basco. Ma'am Elma and Sir Enrico Batallones, owners of the Ysabelle Homestay where the ones  who fetched me from the airport.


Room with CR -  2,000/day (depending on no. of pax)
Room (common CR) 1,000 good for 2 pax

Bike rental -  30/hr
Van rental - Batan Island 6,500 (3 days)
Car rental - 6,500 ( 3 days) negotiable
Motorcycle - P100/hr
Mountain bike - 400/day
Red truck - 6,500 (negotiable)
Local tour with guide (1,000/day) available 

Contact numbers
Globe - (0977) 495 0193 

I placed my bag at the guesthouse and rented the motorbike and started my tour of Batan Island. But I paid first the ecotourism fee of P350.00.

First in in the itinerary was the Japanese Tunnel. I used the La Fuente Street instead of the major highway for this tour.

Along the route, you will see what Batanes is all about.

Second stop was going to another remote lighthouse in the nearby town.

After 25 minutes, I arrived at the Mahatao Lighthouse. I stayed and enjoyed the scenery.

This is one of the best places to enjoy your stay in Batanes.

Afterwards, I went further to Diura where the Fishermen's Village is situated.

Along the way, I passed by another lighthouse. The village is called Racuaydi.

The goal is to reach the white sand beach of Batan Island. Before descending, I paid another fee P50.00.

Along the trek, after 10 minutes, I reached the Fountain of Youth.

Finally, I reached the white sand beach of Batan Island.

Thereafter, I ascended and was eager to eat lunch. Ma'am Elma made lunch reservation at Fred's. I added some dish for my lunch.

Lunch will be served 12 noon and  I went to Marlboro Country.

This is one of the best places to enjoy the scenery in Batanes.

This is the Marlboro Country, the cow pasture in Batanes.

Exactly 12 noon, I went back and enjoyed the sumptuous lunch of Lapu-Lapu. I paid P300.00 for the 16-inch Lapu-Lapu.

After lunch, I went back to Basco but this time, I used the highway. After 15 minutes, I reached the Boat Shelter. 

I stayed at the Basco Lighthouse and waited for sunset.

The sunset may not be exceptional but it was still a sunset.

That night I took dinner at Ma'am Elma's homestay.

And enjoyed the dinner prepared by Ma'am Elma. 

Day 2

I woke up early the following morning to witness anew the sunrise in Mahatao Lighthouse.

After the sunrise, I went to the port going to Sabtang.

There two ports going to Sabtang Island, the San Vicente Port (1 boat) and the Radiwan Port (2 boats). Departure time is normally 7:00 am but you have to be at the port at 6:00 am for early registration. Sometimes they leave as early as 6:30 am.

Before boarding, I took a light breakfast at Honesty Store.

Travel time is 25-30 minutes. Fare is P100.00. If you are going to bring your motorbike, fare is P175 for both the passenger and the bike.

And we reached the Sabtang port.

I boarded my bike and went to the Municipall Hall and paid the P200.00 ecotourism fee.

After 10 minutes, I reached the first village.

I went further and enjoyed the scenery in Sabtang while cruising in my motorbike.

This is the reason why Sabtang is a must-visit place in Batanes.

Instead of stopping in Tinyan Point, I went to the Old houses in Chavayan.

        Remarkable place of Ivatans!

     Then, I went back to Tinyan Viewpoint.

I ordered 2 coconut crabs for P800.00 before trekking and paid P100.00 for cooking charge.

And then, I roamed around the viewpoint.

                The Landscapes!

              This is Sabtang Island!

After the tour, I consumed the 2 coconut crabs!

I went back to the town and headed to Morong Beach.

    This is where tourists take their lunch.

I enjoyed another delicious lunch for P300.00.

Last stop for the day was the Sabtang Lighthouse. I returned to Basco past 2:00 pm that day.

What did I have for dinner? LOBSTER!

That night I was still hoping to go to Itbayat, but due to bad weather, I was told that it was impossible.

Day 3

I woke up late the following morning. 

I again toured using the motorbike and the goal is to relax at the Fountain of Youth.

I took lunch again at Fred's but this time I paid P500 for the gigantic Lapu-Lapu.

I enjoyed the view of Batanes for the last time.

I went to Valugan Boulder Beach and I took a long nap at the waiting shed.

I went back to the homestay around 5:00 pm and I learned that it was the birthday of Sir Enrico, "Happy Birthday Sir!"

        Thank you po sa coconut crab!

And shared a couple of drinks with the Ivatans. 

The following day I boarded my re-booked flight back to Manila.

Thank you Ma'am Elma and Sir Enrico for everything in Batanes.

Truly, Ysabelle Homestay is my home away from home.

Enjoy Batanes!!! ❤️

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