Saturday, June 9, 2018

Freezing in China

Yes, I already went to Beijing, China!
Yes, I also lost the photos in Beijing and I used the Instagram pictures for this blog.
The travel was made January 2018 and I made this blog June 2018.
I really cannot remember the details of the tour anymore.

There are 3 kinds of Great Wall of China Tours. Please choose the best tour.
The Great Wall of Mutianyu, 65km to the north of Beijing city proper, is less crowded compared to Badaling, but with attractive scenery all year round.

This is the place where I stayed for 5 days in Beijing!
One thing I can remember is that it was very cold in Beijing.
Temperature ranges from -10 to a low of -15 and I was freezing to death already!

From the wall, you can see the various tours.

The Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square are two of may favorite spots in Beijing!

I forgot the name of this place. I think it is the Summer Palace. But this is awesome!

There are so many tourists going to Beijing. Mingle and Enjoy!

Time to go home =)

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