Saturday, January 25, 2020

Singapore, India, and Nepal Tour (9 days)

The plan is to go to Nepal!
See Mt. Everest and do Paragliding!

But the cost of the one-way flight from Manila to Nepal ranges from P25,000 to 35,000. Expensive! =)

And so I tried to find the cheapest possible way to go to Nepal from Manila. I was able to find a Scoot flight (layover in Singapore for 15 hours) in the amount of P15,000 going to Amritsar, India and from Amritsar to Kathmandu (P7,400). The direct flight going to Kathmandu still has a connecting flight and why not connect or go first to another country before going to Nepal. And so I decided to go first to India. 

Visa requirements
Singapore for Filipinos - none
India - online application only (P2,500 for 5 years multiple entry)
Nepal - Visa on arrival for 30 USD

Day 1 - Bugis, Singapore

And so last January 9, 2020, I boarded my Scoot flight to Singapore connecting to Amritsar, India. The flight was 3 and a half hours. Upon landing, I went to my hotel and made the check-in. The name of the hostel is Atlantis Pods @ Bugis (Tel- 6805 8984 / email - and I paid 38.76 Singapore Dollar or P1,455 for a night stay.

I was given a 15-hour layover and my flight was scheduled 3 pm and so I decided to roam the outskirts of Singapore in the morning.

By 3 pm, I boarded the Scoot flight to Amritsar and after a 6-hour flight I arrived in Amritsar, India. The hotel provided the airport pick-up for 800 INR or P600.00.

That night I paid the hotel and booked my tours in the said hotel. The name of the hotel is Hotel Urban Galaxy and I paid roughly P6,000 for a 3-night stay.

Day 2 - Amritsar, India

 Honestly, I do not have any idea about Amritsar. But the weather was 6 degrees in the morning and I began to like it already!

My tour was slated 10 am and I decided to have a morning walk outside the hotel.

And I started liking India.

Past 10 am, we started the tour around the city.

There were three (3) destinations for the day.
First stop was the Durgiana temple.

And then, the Gobindgarh Fort. 

I pretty much enjoyed this one since I rode a camel. 
First time to ride a camel was in Dubai and this is the second time.

Last part of the tour was the Attari-Wagha Border.

Here I was able to watch the fabulous retreat ceremony at the border of India and Pakistan.

By the way, the tour is 1,700 INR or P1,200.
You already have a private car for a 5-6 hour tour.

Past 6 pm, we arrived back at the city, I decided to go to the best tourist spot in Amritsar (which is just meters away from my hotel or 5-minute walk), the GOLDEN TEMPLE!

One of the sights to BEHOLD in India!
The Golden Temple is a Hindu Temple.

Day 3 - Amritsar 

The following day I learned that there is a City Bus Tour which covers the same route for only 400 INR or P300.00. I boarded the bus and tried it. Halfway of the tour I alighted, it was just for fun anyway. Hop on Hop Off (+ 91 70296 90001 / +91 75270 70180.

Your stay in India will not be complete without riding the tuk tuk and the rickshaw. 
 did both of the rides! Then, spent the remaining of the day shopping for souvenirs.

Day 4 - Amritsar - Delhi - Kathmandu

It was an early 7 am Indigo flight (10,459 INR or P7,453 / 1 hour and 25 minutes only) and I had to be at the airport very early. I forgot that it was a domestic flight going to Delhi and so the check-in time was 2 hours before the flight.

Past 11 am, I boarded the Indigo connecting flight to Kathmandu (1 hour and 30 minutes only). The hotel provided for the free airport pick-up (500 Nepal Rupees or P250.00). It was already past 5 pm when I arrived and I talked to the manager of the hotel and we arranged my tours in Kathmandu.

Day 6 - Thamel, Kathmandu

I started the day with the Buddha Air flight which covers the Mt. Everest Tour. I paid 161 USD (real price - 195 USD) 2 months before my flight to Nepal. And I got the discount.

 I got the first seat just in front of the cabin and got the best seat! You know what I mean. Anyway, the tour should have started 6:30 am but it actually started past 7 am. We waited for sunrise. It was only a 1-hour tour!

 The Himalayas!

Jaw-dropping experience! I saw the top of MT- EVEREST! =)

Past 9 am, I went back to the hotel. I have a 10 am tour (Kathmandu Sightseeing) which costs 103 USD. Private tour includes the car, guide and all tickets.
I have four destinations that day.

The first is the Monkey Temple. here you will see both the Buddhist and the Hindu Temples.

Second one was the Former Royal Palace and Museum and I even saw the Kumari (their royal Goddess)

Third spot was another Boudhan Stupa.
And the last one was the site for the cremation.

Good thing my guide was Mukesh! I really enjoyed the tour! 
He is the best tour guide in Kathmandu! =)
He even taught me basic Nepalese language.

Mukesh Sha
+977984 902 7442

Day 7 - Pokhara

Anyway, I forgot to mention the hotel where I stayed in Kathmandu. The name of the hotel is Oasis Kathmandu Hotel (+9779851190204). I paid 142 USD for a 4-night stay. 

with my paragliding Pilot

Some things are meant not to be planned and so out of nowhere I went to Pokhara. Pokhara can be reached by bus (900 Nepal Rupees, cheapest), car (100 USD one-way or 150 USD round trip) or by plane (125 USD one-way). I hired Chin!

Taxi driver in Kathmandu
Chin - He is very cordial, respectful and fun to be with!
+977980 360 2601

Chin is a native of Pokhara but he lives in Kathmandu

It was an early 4 am ride to Pokhara!

And there I experienced paragliding!

Contact Nos - 97761465388 / 465454 / 9856024940 / 9846038230

Look for Rajesh Baniya (my pilot)

One of the best adventures of my life! Only in Pokhara!
The cost of the paragliding is 60-65 USD.
But since I booked in an agency, I paid 9,500 Nepal Rupees or 84 USD.

WE went to Devi's falls, the Lake and another Buddha Stupa!

Paragliding - 65 USD (30 mins)
Ultra Light Plane - 198 USD (30 mins)
Annapurna by Helicopter - 245 USD / 300 USD (peak season)
Rafting - 50 USD 1 day
Bungee jumping - 7,500 Nepal Rupees
Zip Flyer - 8,500 Rupees
Canoying - 85 USD
Trekking - 70 USD 1 DAY
Jungle safari - 200 USD 2 nights. 3 days
Hot Air Balloon - 150 USD 1 hour

Agency - Pushpa 9846845823

. This is what you will see at the top of the Stupa.

Past 4 pm, we went back to Kathmandu.

Day 8 - Kathmandu

On my third day in Nepal, I wanted to do Hiking and I did it again with my Tour guide named Mukesh. There were 3 spots for the hiking tour! First spot was Nagarkot. The tour costs 109 USD.

Second spot was Chagunarayan.

That night I tried the Himalayan Spa - 980 303 7591

Day 9 - Kathmandu

Last day in Kathmandu and it was raining. I cancelled my tour (Chandagan by Cable Car - 107 USD) and just went shopping. Another tour worth mentioning is Bhakalpur and Patan (106 USD).

Past 8:30 pm, I boarded my flight to Kuala Lumpur and then another flight connecting to Manila for only P16,000.

Thank you Lord for this tour!

Basic Nepalese

Hello - Namaste
Thank you - Dhanyabad
Beautiful girl - Ramri
Beautiful scenery - Ramro
How much? Kati Parchha?
Expensive - Mahanggo
Wow?Great - Dherai Ramro
Good Morning - Subh Prabhat
Good Night - Subj Rattri
Delcious - Mittho Chha