Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tanauan City (My hometown)

Dawn at Tanauan City
Lying on the middle part of the tourist spots in Batangas, Tanauan City is bounded on the north by Calamba City, on the east by the town of Sto. Tomas, on the south by towns of Malvar and Balete, and on the west by Taal Lake and town of Talisay.

Simply stated, Tanauan City is my hometown and I am a proud Tanaueno!

And let me show you the tourist spots in Tanauan.

Apolinario Mabini Shrine 

The Mabini Shrine is located in Barrio Talaga is about 7 kilometers from the city proper of Tanauan.  On the left side of the museum, you can find a mock-up house of Apolinario Mabini’s natal residence. The house is made up of light materials like nipa (palm tree leaves). (

Jose P. Laurel's Birthplace and Memorial Library

Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library is located in A. Mabini Ave., Tanauan City, BatangasThe site keeps the personal property of the family of the late President Jose P. Laurel which now serves as a historical site and a public library.

Old Municipal Building and and Museo ng Tanauan

Formerly, the Municipal Hall of Tanauan, now it houses the Museo ng Tanauan.

View of Taal Lake 

Taal Lake occupies so many towns in Batangas, and Tanauan City is one of those places. The lake can be seen in Barangays Banadero, Gonzales, Wawa, Maria Paz and Wani-Wani. Best spot is in Barangay Wawa.

Calejon Falls 

One of the best spots in Malvar but the site of the falls covers both the City of Tanauan and  the town of Malvar. The falls can be seen in Tanauan in Banjo West and in San Gregorio in Malvar. (

St. John, the Evangelist Church (city proper)

St. John The Evangelist Church is known as one of the best pilgrimage churches in Batangas aside from Taal Basilica, Lipa Cathedral, Balayan and Calacca.

Mannie Barradas Airstrip

If you enjoy skydiving and flying, then this is the spot for your pleasure and adventure. Located in Barangay Talaga, Tanauan City, Batangas or 10 minutes away from the city proper.

Tanawan Hills

Or simply relax and enjoy nature at Tanawan Hills in Barangay Talaga.

Parade of Lights

And enjoy the bright and colorful lights of it festivity in the parade of lights.

Accommodations / Lodging

The Park (Bed and Breakfast) Contact No. - 043-784-7992 (city proper)

Tropical Breeze (Hotel and Resort) Contact Nos. 043-702-4847 / 0927-955-6242
Hacienda Daraza (Hotel and Resort) Contact Nos - 047-778-5354

Nearest tourist spots in Tanauan City

1. Gen. Miguel Malvar Shrine (Sto. Tomas)
2. Padre Pio National Shrine (Sto. Tomas)
3. Rizal Shrine (Calamba City)
4. Taal Volcano (Talisay)
5. Metro Turf (Malvar)
6. Lipa Basilica (Lipa City)
7. The Farm (Lipa City)
8. Tagaytay City