Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ambon-Ambon Falls, Natividad, Pangil, Laguna

The province of Laguna is blessed with having so many lakes and falls. And Pangil is one of the blessed municipalities having the famous Ambon-Ambon falls.

Pangil Eco-Park
How to get there

From Manila or Cubao, board a bus en route to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The bus ride is good for more or less three hours depending on the traffic in Los Banos. Alight in Sta. Cruz, then ride a jeepney to Siniloan. The trip is more than an hour and the fare is P44.00. Alight at Natividad, Pangil Eco-Park, then ride a tricycle towards the park. Fare is P25.00 only.

Entrance fee from 6am - 6pm - P42
Trekking good for 6 pax - P360
River Tubing - P30/pax
Overnight fee - P100
Parking jeep/van - P20
Parking bus - P60
Rent of tent - P300
Pavilion rental - P5,000
Cottages (good for 10-15 pax) - P200
Cottages (good for 15-25 pax) - P400

Other activities
Paper mache painting - P20/pax
Whittlers Craft Demo - P20/pax
Crablet catching - P15
Hiking with tree planting - P15
Film showing - P1,000/day

Should you decide not to camp, there are a lot of lodging facilities outside the eco-park like Ligaya lodge and Lovely Lodge. Rates are P300 - 12 hours (not aircon); P400 12 hours (not aircon with TV); and P700 (aircon with TV and wifi).  

The best part of the eco-park is the the trek to Ambon-Ambon Falls.

I paid P360 for the trek and every cent is worth it. The first part of the trek is passing the Biak-na-Bato (literally, the huge rock is divided into two pieces).

Bamboo Raft No. 1

The best part of the trek is riding the bamboo rafts. There are a total of 3 bamboo rafts and this experience is simply the best!

The guide/boatman will maneuver the bamboo raft in the river and you will definitely enjoy this one! I remember my tour in Pagsanjan falls while onboard the raft.

Bamboo Raft No. 2

Then, we walked again towards the second raft. One has to be careful while walking the river. The rocks are slippery and if you lose your balance, then everything gets wet (even your gadgets!).

Bamboo Raft No. 3

And the last raft was near the falls and we boarded the last one.

Ambon-Ambon Falls

Finally, the main attraction was reached after 30 minutes of trekking. The reason why it was called Ambon-Ambon Falls is because it is really raining in the falls because the water from the falls is hitting the huge rocks which causes the rain effect.

The adventure did not stop at the falls. I had to do river tubing!

However, I missed the opportunity of doing camping in the eco-park. I will be back in my next travel.

From Trek Earth
Another thing that I missed is going to the so-called Buntot Palos Falls or Hidden Falls. I promised myself that I will be back!

It's really More Fun in Laguna!!

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  1. Sir do you happen to know the contact number/s of the lodges around the eco park? Thanks in advance.

    1. 0915 - 379 5866 / 0932 372 9861 /
      Guide - Mr. Del Mundo - 0910 500 1728

  2. This is nice ei.

  3. do you know a tour guide who can accompany us in touring inside the parf and in ambon ambon falls?

    1. . We hired Mang Del (0910-500-1728) to be our guide for that day for P500.

  4. Nice blog. I was there last April 2015. And it's really worth it :)

  5. Nice blog. I was there last April 2015. And it's really worth it :)

  6. Nice shots po. Ishare ko lng sa team ko were planning to go here po.

  7. It's really inviting. Want to try it this summer.

  8. how much po fare from cubao to sta.cruz? meron po ba kayo contact number to whom paresevd ng tent for camping? thanks

  9. Hello! May contact no. ba kayo ng Pangil River Eco-Park? Plan kasi namin pumunta this May pero nagwo-worry kami na baka may mag-avail na ng Pavilion nila. Papareserve sana kami, if needed.


  10. gaano po kalayo ang Buntot palos from ECO PARK? ilang oras ang trek

  11. Mas reservation po ba jan??ok kahit contact number ng resort po....salamat

  12. Mas reservation po ba jan??ok kahit contact number ng resort po....salamat

  13. hello po, ask ko lang po paano po ang route from antipolo city, to ambon ambon falls?
    thank you. reply nlng po thank you :)

    0948-6109646 or dito reply :)

  14. Ilan ba ang minimum pax, or pde kahit mag isa lng o dalawa lng po kami?, Thanks sir.