Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

This is one of those days that you simply cannot forget. 

It was a very busy day. I had so many things to do that day.

I attended five classes in FEU. Then, attended the meeting of the University Comelec. Afterwards, watched the FEU concert until 10:30 pm. And finally went to Binondo, Manila for the Chinese New Year.

Going to Binondo to witness the Chinese New Year was not part of things to do for that day. But my buddies, Ma'am Batin and Sir Jerry Apolonio insisted that we had to go to Binondo for the Chinese New Year. And we did!

with Ma'am Batin and Sir Jerry

We went to Lucky Chinatown and stayed there for 2 hours and witnessed the fireworks display! We enjoyed the food, the crowd and the rituals.

We were lucky we went to Lucky Chinatown because the City of Manila allowed only the fireworks display at Lucky Chinatown.

In order to get good fortune and luck for the year of the Wooden Horse, we participated in some of the 10 Chinese lucky rituals at Lucky Chinatown.

Lit the incense at the Miao De Amituofu Pureland

Tossed a coin at the Prosperity Tree

Rubbed the Maneki Neko Cat 

Hit the Good Luck Gong

Wrote at the Wall of Good Fortune 

For two hours we enjoyed the night and spent time not doing election work. Usually, the only reason why we are together is for election-related problems. But this night was the night to celebrate the Chinese New Year and have fun! Thank you Ma'am Batin and Sir Jerry! I had fun! 

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


  1. sir jerry apolonio is my prof in cul antro.. he required us to make a video documentation about the culture of the Filipinos that came from other nationality.