Monday, June 23, 2014

Honda Philippines, Inc. Plant Tour

One of the tours that I enjoyed most is my motorcycle tour and for years that I have been riding my bike and passing in First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, I've always wondered what the interior of FPIP looks like.

And after years of wondering, I was finally given the chance of a plant tour inside FPIP and the tour was in Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI).

From Tanauan City, I hopped into my Honda motorcycle and cruised my way to HPI. Along the way I saw several establishments like Canon Phils, Nestle and Brother, to cite a few. And after 20 minutes of motorcycle ride from Tanauan City, I arrived at HPI around 1:00 pm. The plant tour was supposed to start at 1:30 pm. It was actually a family plant tour and joining me in tour are my sibling, Kuya Derick and my sister-in-law, Ate Aleli. 

With my brother, Engineer Jayson Villegas of HPI
Again, it was called family plant tour and my younger brother Engineer Jayson Villegas accommodated us for this plant tour. He was the one who made the necessary reservation for this tour. I was excited since I was given the peek of FPIP's interior and a chance to experience  how Honda motorcycles were manufactured.

The program started 1:30 and the first part of the program was a film showing of the history and profile of Honda. Now I know why the tagline of Honda is - "The Power of Dreams." The concept of making the motorcycle started from a dream.

After the film showing, a talk about nutrition was made and then followed by safety measures inside the plant while touring. The last part was the do's and don'ts while you are having the tour. And the most important thing to remember was that use of camera or cellphone is not allowed during the tour.

And finally, the tour started after 1 hour of preliminaries. The plant tour was very informative and educational. It was a good thing I joined this plant tour. From the engine assembly to the last part of the assembly line, I was amazed to see how the Honda motorcycle was manufactured.

I also learned that Honda motorcycle can be built in just a matter of 32 seconds per motorcycle. Imagine, how many motorcycles they build in a day or in a month's time!

photo op with all the participants
 And after nearly 2 hours of plant tour, we went back to the conference room and took our merienda. The members of HPI staff were very accommodating and courteous during the tour. HPI treated us with a welcome snack and another merienda snack at the end of the tour. We were even given certificates of appreciation and souvenir items. And concluding tour  was the photo opportunity with all the participants.

I was really glad to have joined this very informative plant tour. Thank you Engineer Villegas and to all the staff of Honda Philippines, Inc. 

I highly recommend this plant tour. Should you be interested in joining/participating in this tour, please coordinate with the HR Department of HPI.

It was fun having this Honda Plant Tour! 


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