Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 of My Best Adventures (Latest)

Every place in the Philippines brings a different touch of adventure 
and every adventure unfolds the same happiness from within ourselves 
and I am sharing the adventures that brought happiness for the past 12 months.

Secret Beach

1. El Nido, Palawan

Topping the list is the adventures in the last frontier in the Philippines. Snorkeling and the island hopping adventures in El Nido, Palawan are the epitome of fun in the Philippines. Snorkeling is best enjoyed in Shimizu Island, Papaya Island, Tapyutan Island, and Secret Beach.

Shimizu Island
El Nido offers a variety of island hopping packages at an affordable price. The island hopping tours range from Tours A-D. You can even combine these packages in order to maximize cost and time doing your island hopping.

Big Lagoon
The island hopping experience will not be complete without experiencing the Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon of Tour A and the Hidden Beach and Secret Beach of Tour C. Best time to go to El Nido is during summer from March to June.

  2. Motor biking and Mountain biking in El Nido

El Nido is known for its pristine waters, white sand beaches and marine wildlife. But only a few people know that it is also a site for biking. Going to Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls, Nacpan Beach, and Calitang Twin Beach is a must for bikers. Enjoy the 42-kilometers of mountain biking fun in El Nido!

3. Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

The island is a sight to behold. A photographer's dream. A place to enjoy tranquil life.
The island has no electricity, barely a telecommunication signal and no source of water supply.

4. Jomalig Island, Quezon

Jomalig is the place where you want to take a respite, camp and simply enjoy nature. With its mile-long white sand beach, rural life and pristine waters, Jomalig is a must for one's bucket list of travel destination in the Philippines.

And they ALL agree!

5. Summer trip to Sagada, Mountain Province

Every year I go to Sagada. But this year's travel is different. I went to Sagada on a summer (usually December). The experience was different. The weather may not be that cold but the sea of clouds would surely be a jaw-dropping experience for a traveler to behold!

Twin Lagoon

6. Coron, Palawan 

It was my second time to go to Coron, Palawan. But the place has never ceased to capture my affection for its tourist spots. The likes of Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake and Twin Lagoon are some of the best spots to visit.

Enjoy the island experience in Malcapuya Island.

Or simply witness the sunset as it unfolds at the Coron Bay.

7. Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Escape the hassles of the metro and simply live a simple life and be mesmerized with the sand ripples in Cagbalete Island.

Hidden falls or Buntot Palos Falls
8. Hiking Adventures

I made several hiking adventures in Mt. Talamitam, Mt. Batulao, Pangil, Laguna and in Rizal. The most memorable was the Buntot Palos hike with my fellow packers.

9. Dinner at Sun Cruise

Yes, dinner! Watching the sunset at Manila Bay and enjoying the cruise at Manila Bay with your loved one is simply exceptional!

10. Parade of Lights, Tanauan City, Batangas

I am from Batangas and I am proud that finally our city has something different to offer. A tourist attraction to witness and this year was the inception of the annual event.

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