Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Revisiting My 2013 International Travels

I make it a point twice every year to travel abroad. 
I usually travel March and October during the semestral breaks of my students. Blogging is not my full time job and I have to do my other passion and my full-time job in life which is teaching.

Last year, I visited Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. But there are places which left memories that linger in a traveler's mind. And here are some of those places that make me smile.
Patong Beach

Phuket, Thailand comes very close to my heart with all the majestic scenery, world-class beaches and unparalleled adventures only Phuket could offer. This November 2014 I decided to go back anew just to rekindle the memories I experienced in Phuket.

Malaysia offers a variety of tourist spots but Genting Highlands tops my places to visit. I love the cable car ride going to the spot and once you are there you will surely enjoy the different attractions offered by the Highlands.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is a must-to-see spot if you are traveling in South East Asia. Known for offering the cheapest shopping goods only Vietnam can offer.  It has its own unique ride called "Tuktuk" which tourists must try and a variety of river adventures that await foreigners.

Angkot Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia opens your eyes to ancient majestic temples such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bahket Mountain. Considered as one of the best tourist spots in South East Asia, the early morning sunrise view of Angkor Wat will surely captivate your passion to travel in this ancient city.

And finally, the South East Asian tour will not be complete without going to Singapore! The Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Merlion, and Universal Studio Singapore (USS) are some of the best spots to visit while you are in Singapore. Enjoy the river cruise in Marina Bay and the world-class adventures in Sentosa!

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