Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Island Hopping at Ligpo Island, Lemery, Batangas

jump-off point to Ligpo Island
Ms. Sheenah Tan, a former student, told me last summer that I have to go to this spot. And after a series of plans, finally I was able to make the tour!

a resort owned by Japanese
How to get there

1. You can bring you own car and make the 2-hour drive from Manila using the South Super Highway. Use the skyway and then use the AC-TEX and exit in Lipa City and go to Cuenca, Batangas. You will pass the towns of Sta. Teresita, and finally, Taal. From Taal, you have to go to Barangay Baliti, San Luis, the jump-off point to Ligpo Island.

2. From Buendia, Pasay

Ride the bus (DLTB or Jam) going directly to Lemery in Buendia-Taft in Pasay. Fare is P180.00. The bus ride is good for 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. Alight in Taal, take the jeep to San Luis and the fare is only P12.00. The other option is to charter the tricycle for only P80.00 at Petron gas station in Lemery. 

Boat rental is a must.

Trekking the beach resorts involves a very challenging experience!

Bauan Divers Sanctuary

If you are going to charter the boat at Barangay Butong in San Luis, the cost is P1,500.00. It is a lot better to charter the boat at Barangay Baliti also in San Luis, the cost is only P800.00. But I haggled a bit and told the boatman that I would not stay long and take only pictures, and I was able to get the boat for P650.00.

Ligpo Island
And so the island hopping adventure was on for the day. Honestly, there were only 2 islands and the rest are sightseeing of the nearby beach resorts but it was still fun!

Ligpo Island
Boat rental
Romeo - 0975 218 3424
Macmac - 0949 907 6943

Ligpo Island Resort

Ligpo Island is known as one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Batangas. Unfortunately, I was not prepared to do any snorkeling that day and due to time constraints, I can only afford to have an island hopping experience.

Normally, the cost of the boat rental is P1,000.00 (but since it was lean season), I was able to have it a very low price. 

Along the tour we passed the Japanese-owned resort, Bauan Divers' Sanctuary and then Ligpo Island (a private island resort owned by a Korean national). Only the Ligpo Island Resort is open to the public.

Just a couple of minutes away from Ligpo Island Resort, we reached Villa Castillo. One of the premiere resorts in the area.

My boatman-guide was kind enough to tell me details of the resorts in the area and we reached another resort named Portulano Resort.

Last stop for the day was Dive and Trek Resort, the best resort for your diving and snorkeling needs.

 On the way back to the port, I decided to dock at Ligpo Island and ask the permission of the caretaker if I could be allowed to see and roam around at the island. And luck was on my side, we docked and spent a couple of minutes roaming around the island!

 Past two hours, we reached the docking area and paid the parking fee at Portulano Resort's parking area. Parking fee is only P20.00 for the motorcycle.

It's Really More Fun in Batangas!

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