Wednesday, September 3, 2014

National Heroes Day Motorcycle Tour

My life as a traveler will not be complete 
if I am not going to travel. 
But my other passion in life (teaching) occupies most of my time. Do not get me wrong. I am not complaining. I simply love teaching in college. And in order to maximize for the lost time and opportunity for my craves to travel, I write all the holidays and special non-working days in a school year and plan ahead of time. And this tour was planned ahead of time. 

The original plan was to go to San Juan, Batangas and see the Old Pinagbayanan Church and Naambon Falls. But I had to change the plan and I opted on the other side of Batangas. The plan involves going to Burot Beach in Calatagan, CML Beach Resort & Water Park and Ligpo Island in Lemery. And I made the right choice! =)

It was a good day to have a motorcycle tour. The weather was not so hot that day and there was only a minimal sign that it was going to rain that day. 

From Tanauan City, I boarded my bike and proceeded to Talisay, Batangas (my gateway to Tagaytay). 

Taal Volcano

Along the way, you will pass Club Balai Isabel (a must-see resort in Talisay). And the ascending drive started. Along the way up, you will be mesmerized by the magnificent and spectacular view of Taal Volcano. It was a bit foggy that day but I did not mind at all. 

There are so many routes going to Tagaytay but this Talisay route is the best route for travelers and adventurers. The twist and turns of the uphill drive will surely cause goose-bumps along the drive.

It was a long motorcycle drive. I was traveling only at an average speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Before I was averaging at 100 kilometers per hour but after 3 motorcycle accidents, my urge for speed diminished.

And after 2 hours, I reached my first destination - Calatagan, Batangas.

Burot Beach

Reaching the town of Calatagan, I was 2 kilometers away from my destination. And my first stop that day was in Burot Beach.  

I stayed in the beach only for one hour and took some information about the beach and some photos and sped off to my next destination.

CML Beach Resort & Water Park

From Calatagan, I drove off to Lemery. Along the way, I passed by Balayan and Calaca. These towns are a must for motorcycle enthusiast! The long and straight drive towards Lemery was simply amazing!

And after less than an hour, I arrived at my second destination - CML Beach Resort & Water Park.

My brother, Kuya Derick Villegas, was the one who told me to visit the resort and it was a good thing that I listened to him.

Again, I stayed only for an hour and afterwards, I decided to go to my final destination.

Ligpo Island

From the town of Lemery, I went to Taal (a must-side trip for everone!) and headed towards San Luis. Reaching Barangay Ligpo, Lemery, Batangas. I chartered a boat in order to see the beaches and the famous Ligpo Island.

at Burot Beach
Finally, I went home and reaching Lipa City, heavy rain poured and I got all soaked up but the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm and happiness of the tour that day.

It's Really More Fun In Batangas!

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