Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2019 Breathtaking El Nido and Paradise Port Barton

After three years, I'm back in one of my top three destinations in the Philippines. My fifth time to visit El Nido and second time to visit Port Barton and the excitement never withered.

Hadefe Travels and Tours has always been my long time partner in my series of travels in Puerto Princesa (PPC) Coron and El Nido. They are simply superb and Sir Hanny is simply one of the best friends one could have and keep.

Hadefe - 0920 952 3280, 0920 600 5979, 048 723 1909

There are numerous flights going to PPC and there is a direct flight to El Nido using Air Swift. But I  still opted using Air Asia. I got use to passing to PPC and seeing Sir Hanny before going to El Nido. Seeing PPC completes the journey.

With the kind assistance of Sir Hanny, I was transported from PPC to El Nido.

PPC to El Nido -P500 (5 hours) vice-versa
El Nido to Port Barton - P500 (3-4 hours) vice-versa
Port Barton to PPC - P300 (3 hours)

I arrived past 4 pm and strolled at the beach and enjoyed the view.

Weather was not that good but there was still sunset.


EL NIDO offers a variety of tours. But Tours A, B, C, and D are the common island hopping tours.

I chose Tours A and C. And for that day, it was Tour A.

BIG LAGOON was the first destination.

Before there was Small Lagoon but right now you have to choose between the small and the big lagoon. After the Big Lagoon, we went to the Simizu Island for snorkeling. 

Then, we went to Intalula Island East and West.

We took our delicious lunch at Intalula.

Last stop was the Papaya Island.

Going back, I witnessed one of the breathtaking sunsets El Nido can offer.


We started the tour at Helicopter Island.

Then went to Hidden Beach.

The foreigners love this part of the tour.

We took our lunch at Talisay Island.

Last stop was supposed to be Secret Beach.
But we still went to another snorkeling area and Pasandigan Island.


I stayed at Hadefe Resort. It has the best view in town and the most accommodating staff. The rooms were great and cozy!

You can simply enjoy and relax at Hadefe Resort and all your tour needs will be provided by them.

Early morning, I rented a motorbike for P500 and went to Nacpan Beach (about 22 kilometers or roughly 30-40 minute ride).

After Nacpan, I bid goodbye to the staff and  boarded a  van to Port Barton. Fare was P500 and the ride toom me more than 3 hours.

My accommodation was at the White Hauz (BJ 0906 356 7610).
They have the dormitory room for P350. The fan room for P800-900. And the aircon room for P1,200-P1,500.

Then the day ended.

Boat rental c/o Michael - 09758580078, 09469641456

All other needs
Van rental, tours, etc
Macky - 0935 036 7676, 0946 964 1456

We started the tour at Twin Reef. Fee for one person is P1,200. 

Second stop was the German Island and the Turtle Spot.

Then, we took our lunch at Pena Plata Island.

One of the sites for your lunch and snorkeling.

One of the things that Port Barton has is the turtle watching tour.

Then we went to Exotic Island.

Maxima Island

Then, the last two stops were the Fantastic Reef and the Sandbar.

Finally, another mesmerizing sunset in Palawan.


My longtime friend Sir Hanny Enor.
Owner - Hadefe
0920 952 3280, 0920 600 5979, 048 723 1909

A friend to keep Macky Tinebro
0935 036 7676, 0946 964 1456

Boat rental
Michael Perez or Cael
0975 858 0078, 0946 964 1456

And my new friend BJ of White Hauz 
0906 356 7610


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