Sunday, January 6, 2013


I've always wanted to express
Share my thoughts and feelings
Rekindle every time we're together
Wander with you in the wherever

It started when I met you
When I gazed my eyes on you
We talked and time flew
I never knew that I'd fall for you

Confusing as it may then
Time simply let it happen
We got separated for a while
Thought it would last a lifetime

But by stroke of chance
Destiny played cat and mice
And we were there united as one
And I was simply sitting in cloud nine

You inspired me to write and blog
Happiness was there every nick of time
You changed me to be a better man
And I was simply thankful you are mine

But nothing in this world lasts
Like a  steel window that rusts
Now that you've closed the door
Where to is it for me hereon?

Love simply does not stay
You took it from me away
Closing simply was your solution
And I was left here miserable

Sunset came very near in the morning
And I am in agony for you grieving
Here am looking in the horizon
Weeping for my lost companion


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