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Independence Day Tour: Corregidor and Bataan (June 12, 1012)

Last June 12, 2012, I went to two of the most important places in World War II history in the Philippines - Corregidor and Bataan.

From Manila, I boarded a Bataan Transit bus to Balanga, Bataan. The travel time is approximately 4 hours.

I reached the municipality of Mariveles and alighted at Brgy. Cabcaban.

I boarded a tricycle and went to the Port of Cabcaban.

The daily boat trip to Corregidor Island is available at this port.

Contact Nos. - 0908-144-6984 / 0905-489-7056

Boat Rates
Day Tour - 3,000.00
Overnight - 5,000.00
Maximum capacity - 8 persons

Originally, my plan was to reach Corregidor via Sunrise Cruise in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. But since I have not toured in Bataan, I decided to see both Corregidor and Bataan at the same day. And I ended up using the Cabcaban port to reach Corregidor.

I chartered the entire trip for P2,500 only (P3,000). I asked for a discount and after a series of counter-offers, the owner of the boat agreed to my initial offer.

The trip that day was very windy and the waves were so strong, I ended up praying during the trip. 

Past one hour, we reached our destination, the Corregidor Port (North Dock).

The Corregidor Tour is offered by -

Sun Cruises, Inc. 

Contact nos.-(02)-527-5555 loc. 4511, 4512, 4515

Day Tour Package (Adult) - P2,200
Day Tour Package (Child 3-11 yrs old) - P1,250

Overnight Room rate - P2,000
Outdoor activities - P250
Check in time - 7:00 am

Boarding time 7:30 am
Cut-off time - 7:45 am
ETD Manila - 8:00 am
ETA Corregidor - 9:15 am
ETD Corregidor - 2:30 pm
ETA Manila - 3:45 pm

After arriving at the port, I went to the registration area and paid the minimal fee for the tour.

I left my backpack at the registration area. Initially, the staff told me to rent a jeepney for the tour amounting to P2,500. After hearing this, I decided to hike instead.

From the registration area, it took me only seven minutes to reach the only church in Corregidor.

Whenever I conduct my tour, part of my itinerary is to go and to pray in a church.

Afterwards, I went to my next stop. It took me 12 minutes ascending to reach the - Malinta Tunnel.

The interior of the Malinta Tunnel

Then, I went to the other side of the tunnel.

The trek to the beach is good for almost an hour.

This is the top view of the beach.

Then, after reaching the beach, I went back to the rear of the tunnel.

And I proceeded to the batter hearns and grubbs.

Along the way, I passed the Gen. Wainwright Memorial. 
The distance from Topside to Bottomside is three kilometers long. Its width is five kilometers at its widest point. Corregidor island has an elevation of 628 feet above sea level at Topside and 50 feet above sea level at Bottomside.

After walking for ten minutes from the Memorial, I reached the War Memorial Zone.

Then, the Mile Long Barracks

Honestly, it took me almost three hours of trekking but I did not mind it. Thanks to the beautiful scenery in Corregidor, I lost track of time.

Crockett, Geary and Grubbs

Battery Hearn

After the trek, I went back to the North Dock. 

There are other spots that one can visit, such as:

MacArthurs Cafe and Souvenir Shop (02) 456-7333; (02)362-6518

Prime Square Enterprises
(02) 833-4679; (02) 831-9514

Sea Calm Inn - 0949-725-1621

I boarded the boat and went back to Cabcaban.

My next destination that day was to go to Mt. Samat.

I boarded a bus and went to the spot.

It took me 45 minutes to reach the jump-off point to Mt. Samat.

I hired a tricycle for P300.00 for my transportation.

After 30 minuted of uphill ascent, I reached the Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor).

Touring is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I went inside the museum located inside the Shrine.

I saw the names of the soldiers inscribed at the wall who fought to defend Bataan during World War II.

And marveled at the huge cross at the top of Mt. Samat.

After one hour at Mt. Samat, I decided to go back to Manila. From this point, after the Fall of Bataan and Corregidor, the Death March took place and thousands of soldiers died. 

I enjoyed my Independence Day Tour!

Thanks to Corregidor and Mt. Samat.

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