Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rizal Park

Formerly, it was called Bagumbayan during the time of Jose Rizal. Then, it became known as Luneta. Presently, it is called Rizal Park.

It became famous because it was the place where our national hero, Jose P. Rizal was executed by firing squad during the Spanish regime (1898).

Nowadays, it is the place of respite and leisure of Filipinos and one of the places included for foreigners in their Manila tour. 

I visited the place last January 11, 2013 and here are the places of interest worth visiting at the park.

Relief Map of the Philippines
Built during the reign of President Ferdinand Marcos under the auspices of the National Parks Development Committee, it showcases the map of the Philippines.  Jose M. Mendoza was the sculptor.

The Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom
Built on February 5, 2004 under the leadership of then Secretary of Tourism Richard Gordon.

The statue was a gift form the Korea Freedom League as a token of appreciation for helping Korea during the Korean War to preserve democracy.

It is the statue of Lapu-Lapu, the first Asian to withstand colonial forces.

The Orchidarium
The Nayong Filipino Orchidarium is a place where photo and video shoots are made. It is open for reservation. It is also open for venue rentals.

Contact Nos. - 0926-424-4263/ 0906-298-7232.

Children's Playground
Admission: P10.00

Rizal Park's Open Auditorium

Calesa Ride in Rizal Park

The Fountain and the Pond

Chinese Garden
     Entrance Fee: P10.00

Place of Execution of Rizal
It showcases the light and sound presentation of the martyrdom of Rizal.

Day Tour Presentation
     Student - P10.00
     Adult - P20.00

Evening Presentation
     Fee - P50.00
    Tagalog - 7:00 pm
    English - 8:00 pm

Zero Kilometer Marker
Formerly, the marker was the Manila Cathedral. Now it marks the place where the distance is measured in the Philippines.

The actual remains of Dr. Jose P. Rizal was buried in Paco. But during the American regime, it was transferred to the park and underneath the statue lies the remains of Rizal.

A place worth visiting, a place where history and heritage convene - Rizal Park.

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