Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seven Lakes in San Pablo City, Laguna

Ever since I was a child I knew that Laguna is famous for Mt. Makiling, Los Banos hotsprings, and the world-famous, Pagsanjan Falls. It was only when I was in highschool that I learned that San Pablo City has 7 Lakes. Yes, 7 Lakes!

And it took me 40 years to see all these lakes in one day and for only 3.5 hours of motorcycle ride. I am from Batangas and usually I do not use public transport whenever I travel in the nearby provinces of Batangas such as Rizal, Laguna, Bulacan and Cavite. Instead, I simply use my motorcycle and go to the tourist spot. But this trip took me months to accomplish. Why? I wanted to photograph the lakes in a clear blue sky. And my patience paid off. Last January 2014, my dream came into a reality. And there I was in San Pablo City, marveling at the 7 lakes!

Sampalok Lake

From Tanauan City, Batangas, it took me almost 40 minutes to reach the first lake. I was very careful driving that day. After experiencing 2 minor accidents, I know how it feels like having a motorcycle accident. The first one happened in Nuvali and the second was in Tanauan City. And the second one lingered in my memory. The chest pains for 2 weeks was something you do not want to remember.

Anyway, going back to my trip. It was 6 am in the morning and I was cruising Sto. Tomas, Batangas en route to San Pablo City.

And the first stop was the biggest and most famous among the seven lakes in San Pablo City, Sampalok Lake.

I immediately took pictures of the lake and looked for a guide. Good thing I met Aries (Cell No. 0928-877-5839), a local tricycle driver, who agreed to be my guide for that day for only P300.00.

I told him about my mission that day and we agreed on the route that we are going to do that day.

While you are in the park, you can rent a bicycle for P20.00, sidecar for P50.00 or hire a driver for your sidecar for P80.00 (plus the sidecar).

How to get there

Ride a Lucena bound bus in Buendia-Taft, PAsay or Cubao bus terminal. Ask to be dropped off at 7/11 San Pablo, Laguna, near San Pablo Medical Center. Take a tricycle ride to your destination.

Bunot Lake 
It took us only 15 minutes using my motorcycle to reach the second destination. Bunot Lake is the second biggest lake among the seven. According to the locals, the reason why it is called "Bunot" is due to the fact that coconut husk abound in the vicinity.

Pandin Lake
Third stop for the day was my favorite lake, Pandin Lake. I highly recommend this lake among the seven lakes. It is the only lake which offers the following amenities.

Operating Hours
7:00 am – 5:00 pm
3:00 pm (last ride)

2-3 hours tour of Pandin Lake, Yambo Lake and Grotto visit

P180.00/pax - without lunch
P360.00/pax -  with lunch

Standard lunch
Steamed rice
Inihaw na tilapia
Ginataang hipon
Ensaladang paco, and fresh buco juice

Swimming is allowed in the lake but shower rooms are not provided.

Other services
Paluto – request your desired meal upon reservation e.g. adobo, menudo, sinigang, kid’s meal

Dessert and Merienda
Halo-halo – P25.00
Ube Halaya – P100
Leche flan – P100
Espasol – P100

Request any number of songs with guitar accompaniment P500.00

Contact persons
Ate Sion 0929-978-95-65
Ate Cristina 0907-995-29-83

San Pablo Tourism Office – Ms. Donna Eseo – (049) 562- 1429

Yambo Lake

Yambo Lake is different. There are two ways of going to the lake. You can either hire a boat ride for P200.00 or go to Nagcarlan, Laguna to see the lake. Of course, I chose the boat ride. The boat ride was good for less than 30 minutes and a hike of 2 minutes and there I was looking at the lake.

Afterwards, I went back to Pandin Lake and boarded my motorcycle en route to the last 3 spots.

Calibato Lake

My second favorite is the Calibato Lake. From Pandin Lake, the motorcycle ride was good only for less than 10 minutes and I was able to reach the jump-off point. From the jump-off point, we hiked for 15 minutes and passed through a river before reaching the lake. The hike to the river is the reason why I love this lake. For a nature lover, this spot would surely be close to your hearts.

Palakpakin Lake

My least favorite is the Palakpakin Lake because it contains a lot of fish pens. But it is part of my mission that day and I had to enjoy it nonetheless. From Calibato, the ride was good for 20 minutes.

Mohikap Lake

Last stop for the day was the Mohikap Lake. It took me 15 minutes before I reached the spot. You have to descend and take a 5 minute trek before reaching the spot. Levity aside, I think I took the best picture here. After taking some pictures and video, I hurriedly went back yo my starting point, Sampalok Lake.

The trip would not be complete without knowing and endorsing an accommodation facility and my choice is Ang Tahanan ni Aling Meding Hotel.

Dagatan Blvd. Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City, Laguna
Tel. No. (049) 562-5851; (049) 562-5855
Telefax – (02) 520-6089
Manila line (02) 520-6089; Cell No. 0917-592-2830
Magic Jack (925) 478-6038

1 Family Room – P7,000 (minimum for 6 pax)
1 Presidential suite – P5,500   (minimum for 2 pax)
1 suite room – P5,000 (minimum for 4 pax)
1 Honeymoon room – P3,500
2 superior rooms – P3,500
2 Executive Rooms – P3,000
2 De Luxe Rooms -  P2,500

Wifi zone, aircon, cable tv, hot and cold shower, refrigerator
telephone, swimming pool (8 am – 11 pm only)

Pandin Lake never left my mind while I was traveling back to Tanauan City. I was smiling while I was driving and reminiscing the experience while I was onboard the boat catching fish using a fish net.

The experience of seeing the seven lakes in one day is indeed a rare opportunity and a feat in itself. Go see and visit the seven lakes of San Pablo City, Laguna! 

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  1. Be there next month and hope to see all lakes in San Pablo...

  2. We went at Pandin Lake as part of our subject. I really love it too because of the food. It was very delicious especially the ginataang hipon.

  3. We visited all seven lakes yesterday and you're right about Pandin. It really has something to boast.

  4. Love the photos, I want to visit here soon! Thanks for the post!