Monday, November 24, 2014


view of the Macau Bay from the ferry ride to Hong Kong

It was a 12-day international tour that commenced in Macau and ended in Hanoi, Vietnam. The reason why I started in Macau is because of the promo fare of Cebu Pacific Air.

After my late flight, I cleared the Macau immigration and went to Fua Gua Hotel, the cheapest hotel that I was able to find in and I paid P4,500 for my one-day stay. The hotel was situated right in the middle of the tourist spots and the following morning, I made my tour of Macau.

After 20 minutes of walking and getting lost, I arrived at The Ruins

The Ruins of St. Paul is one of the best tourist spots in Macau and your trip will not be complete without seeing it. There were already numerous tourists when I arrived at the spot. 

Just beside the Ruins is the Mount Fortress and it was an uphill climb towards the entrance. I made it in less than 5 minutes from the Ruins.

The scenery from the top of the fortress gives you the glimpse of the history of Macau. 

While inside the fortress, you can also visit Macau Museum
Unfortunately, it was closed when I arrived and opening time was 10 am. 

One thing to behold is the view from the top of the fortress. 

After 30 minutes, I went down and went to my next destination. It took me almost 40 minutes of walking and getting lost again before I reached my next destination. 

Although it was a long walk, the Guia Fortress was enough to compensate for my effort. I again went up and enjoyed the scenery from the top of the fortress. After a few minutes, I went back to the hotel and took a much needed respite. Past 11 am, I checked out and went ot my final destination. But this time, I had to use the bus.

Along the way, I saw the Galaxy and the City of Dreams. But they were not my last destination, instead it was The Venetian. It took me only 15 minutes of being lost and another 20 minutes of bus ride from my hotel before reaching the spot.

The view from the inside the hotel was simply spectacular and breathtaking! I roamed around the casino and the hotel lobby for an hour before deciding to go to Hong Kong. You will not get lost in Macau for the simple reason that there are so many Filipinos to talk to and ask for directions.

Past 3 pm. I boarded the ferry ride to Hong Kong for 152 HKD. The one day tour of Macau is simply unforgettable.

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