Monday, December 1, 2014

Cu Chi Tunnel (Ben Dinh Underground Tunnel Complex)

Last year I was denied the opportunity to visit the Cu Chi Tunnel, 
this year (2014), was different..

our ride
I was given only two days to stay in Vietnam, thanks to the changes in my flight. It was a 12-day tour, and the last country was Vietnam, more specifically in Ho Chi Minh. Upon arrival at the airport, I immediately checked-in at my hotel (M & M Hotel) and went to a travel agency and booked my Cu Chi Tunnel Tour. I paid only 125,000 Dong for the tour at Phuong Nam Travel Agency.

The following morning, I was fetched from my hotel and we proceeded to Cu Chi. The mini-bus was filled by foreigners who were very anxious to see and experience the tour.

the factory
It was a 1.5 hours trip to the Cu Chi Tunnel but before reaching the spot, we stopped at a factory which employs disabled Vietnamese and did a little bit of sight-seeing and souvenir shopping.

After staying for 45 minutes, we traveled for another 45 minutes and finally reached our destination. Along the way, our tour guide, Mickey, was explaining the significance and some historical facts about the Cu Chi Tunnel. 

We paid another 90,000 Dong for the entrance fee and  we stayed at one of the military bunkhouses to watch a documentary presentation about the Cu Chi Tunnel. Afterwards, we began to tour the tunnels.

Mickey, our tour guide, explaining the significance of ventilation system
The tunnels of Cu Chi was the holy revolutionary base of Military Region Committee Saigon-Gia Dinh High Command of Cu Chi District Party Committee and all Cu Chi people. 

The present underground relic is preserved in 2 areas of Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh, approximately over 70 kilometers from HCMC in the North-West. 

Part of the tour was an American tank corpse situated in the tunnels of Cu Chi where tourists can take a souvenir shot.

There are plenty of things to do while you are the Cu Chi Tunnel, such as shooting using either an AK47 or machine gun, dine at the Ben Duoc or Ben Dinh restaurant, shooting with paint bullet,  kayaking and swimming. The fee for the target shooting is based on the number of bullets and the price depends on the gun that you will use.

Exit 4 only

And the most awaited, the Cu Chi Tunnel attraction itself! 

The tour has 5 levels and it gets narrower on each level. The narrowest and the most taxing is the 5th level. Honestly, I was not mentally and physically prepared for the challenge and I exited at level 4 (exit 4). But I promised myself  that I will finish it the next time I visit the Cu Chi Tunnel.

Hooray for my adventure at Cu Chi Tunnel!


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