Friday, January 2, 2015

Baganga, Davao Oriental (Campawasan Curtain Falls)

Baganga is a first class first class municipality in Davao Oriental, Philippines.

Aside from the town of Baganga, one can also explore  Mati and  Cateel for various tourist spots.

The town has a population of more or less 60,000 according to the 2010 census.

I went to Baganga for my water falls chasing adventure. Unfortunately, Typhoon Seniang was in Mindanao during the time of my visit but it did not deter me from exploring Baganga's tourist spots. 

I hired a habal-habal ride to explore the town and I was able to find out that Baganga offers the following tourist spots, namely:

1. Campawasan Curtain Falls

from King Francis Genilla

2. Baganga Sunrise Boulevard 

This relaxing place which is the best site for sunrise viewing is 12 kilometers away from the town.

3. Baliti Hotspring 

from :
This hot spring is just 16 kilometers from away the town of Baganga.

4. San Victor Island


A small 3 hectare white powdered beach which can be seen along the highway in Baganga going to Cateel, Davao Oriental. It is 14 kilometers away from the town. 

5. White Sand Beaches (just along the highway)

6. Ban-ao Secret Island 

from Yusof  Sabas

There are numerous islands along the coastline of Baganga. This island is is the second best island aside from San Victor. Along the coastline, there are saltwater falls that you can see when the strong waves hit the small islands. 

7. Surfing Spot

Surfing is the best water sport activity in town. The huge waves coming from the Pacific Ocean  offers the ideal wave for surfers.

But the main reason why I went to Baganga is to see the famous Campawasan Curtain Falls.

From the town's market place, I was able to find a habal-habal ride for my exploration. I hired Manuel Fuentes (Contact No. 0910-495-7454). Normal rate in going to Barangay Campawasan is P200.00 only. But since it was raining hard and the road was muddy and slippery, I was able to hire him for P300.00. The barangay is more or less 18 kilometers from the town.

According to my driver/guide, we will be passing 4 barangays before reaching the falls. 

In fact, the travel time is 1.5 hours from the town and we crossed 5 bridges before reaching the jump-off point. But there were times we had to cross the river itself and I had to alight because the current of the river was strong. 

Finally, we reached the river. From the river, we had to trek for another 15 minutes. It was raining hard already when we reached the spot.

Normally, the river is only ankle-deep but upon arrival at  the river, it has reached 5 to 6 feet and according to the locals it was very dangerous to cross the river. The rate for the guide towards the falls is P200.00. But nobody would like to be our guide. And after several thoughts, I gave up the notion of crossing the river. Another buwis buhay (life-threatening) activity!

And so we went back to the town and I rented him again towards Cateel, Davao Oriental to see the Aiwagwag Falls. There are buses and vans plying the route. But it was scarce that day. Cateel is 45 kilometers from Baganga. And so after driving under the rain for 3 hours (36 kilometers back and forth from the town), I decided to use the habal-habal to Cateel. It was really an adventure! Typhoon Sensiang was already in Hinatuan (which is just 4 hours away from Baganga). Along the way, it was raining hard and the wind was carrying us.  

Normal rate for the ride is P500 but since he will be bringing me to Aliwagwag Falls (18 kilometers from the town of Cateel), I paid the driver P600.00 plus free lunch (bonus). It took us nearly 2 hours before reaching Aliwagwag Falls. And the ride was really an adventure!!!

Imagine, 35 kilometers for Curtain Falls, 45 kilometers for Cateel, and 18 kilometers for Aliwagwag Falls under a typhoon on board a habal-habal!!

The day before the adventure, I stayed in Trellis Lodge.

Trellis Lodge and Greenyard Resto Bar
Quirino Street, Poblacion, Baganga, Davao Oriental
Contact Nos. - 0912-519-7920 / 0907-179-2549

Lowest rate for backpacker in a dormitory-room type room is P300. Shared room for 4 pax.

And the other lodging establishment is Janice Lodging House. All air-conditioned  rooms and the lowest rate is P800.00. It is less than 5 minutes away from the town using a tricycle.

It's More Fun in Baganga!!


  1. hi, where is the start of your trip? is it from mati or from davao? what mode of transpo did u take in going those places?