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Inland Tour in Mauban, Quezon

Mauban Seawall or Baywalk
Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

The Municipality of Mauban is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, PhilippinesThe town of Mauban is located at the mid-section eastern coast of the province of Quezon. It is surrounded by the towns of Real, Tayabas, Pagbilao, Atimonan, Sampaloc, Lucban and Cavinti. 

The number one tourist spot in Mauban is Cagbalete Island. But aside from the island, it offers 20 waterfalls, old heritage houses, historical parks, and structures and a rich history dating back from the Spanish era.

Activities in Mauban

Beach bumming, camping, swimming, snorkeling in Cagbalete Island
Nature tripping in the sand ripples in Yang-In during low tide and swimming during high tide
Waterfalls Chasing (20 falls)
Inland Tour
Island Hopping

How to get there

Mauban is 147 kilometers from Manila and 40 kilometers from Lucena City.

It is accessible by bus and other modes of transportation. 

Options 1 - Quezon City

Go to JAC Liner bus terminal at Kamias, Quezon City. The first bus leaves at 5 am. The afternoon bus leaves at 1 pm. Travel time is more or less 5 hours.

From Mauban, JAC Liner leaves at 4 am and 2 pm en route to Kamias Bus Terminal and 4:30 am to Buendia Terminal.

Option 2 - From Buendia, Pasay City 

Go to Buendia-LRT Taft station. There are several buses servicing the route to Lucena Grand Terminal such as JAM Liner, DLTB, and JAC Liner. As early as 4 am, they offer the trip to Lucena. Last trip going to Lucena is around 9 pm. Board a bus going to Lucena. Fare from Buendia to Lucena Grand Central Terminal is P209.50 (127 kilometers). Travel time is 4-5  hours from Buendia. 

Once you reach Lucena Grand Terminal, board the NCR Bus to Mauban. First trip is 4:30 am, then followed by 5:10 am and so on. Every 40 minutes, the NCR  bus leaves. Travel time is 1.5 hours and fare is P54. Last trip going to Mauban is 5:30 pm.  

Airconditioned  vans are also available at SM City Lucena and Metro Gaisano Lucena City Van Terminals from 10 am to 9 pm. Fare is P70. 


I went to Mauban for two reasons, Cagbalete Island and waterfalls chasing!
I did not know that the town also provided for an inland tour and without hesitation, I availed of this tour and hired a guide named Melvin (aka Bok) - cellphone number 0999-905-8490.

Best time to have the tour is late in the afternoon so that it will not be hot and you can watch the sunset at Kugunan.

Around 4 pm, we started the tour and used Bok's motorcycle as our mode of transportation.

Statue of Gat Uban
Mauban seawall was our first destination. 

At the seawall, you can see the port, Gazebo, a park, the old church (which is already submerged in the water) and the statue of Gat Uban.

The seawall is called by the tourists as the "baywalk."

Museo ng Mauban

Then, we went to Museo ng Mauban. 
Created in June 24, 2004, Museo ng Mauban gives a glimpse of Mauban's historical background.

Rizal Hill Park or Calvario

Next stop was the park located in the middle of the town. The park was originally part of Sierra Madre mountain range. During Spanish times, it was used for religious purposes as part of the holy week festivities. After World War II, a monument of Dr. Jose Rizal was erected at the top of the hill. Entrance fee of P10.

You have to ascend the 50 steps before reaching the top of the park.

Rizal Hill Park
At the top of the park, Jose Rizal's monument was erected. One of the best places to watch the sunset in Mauban, relax and see the entire town.

You can see the top view of the town at the park.

Public Bath

Then, off we went to the next spot.- the Public Bath. The first structure was created in 1725. In 1810, a circular structure was created to encase the water flowing from the public bath. According to Bok, there are only public baths recorded in the world and the other one is in Thailand.     

Municipal Building

Home to the municipality's seat of government. The building also houses the two historical cannons which were gifts from the Spanish Government in 1798 to the people of Mauban for saving two of its friars from Moro captivity.

with Sarah, Tourism officer of Mauban

You can buy your souvenir from the the Product Development Center (PDC).

Old Houses

Mauban also boasts of many Spanish colonial structures which have survived the test of time.

Interior of Mauban Church

Along the way, we stopped at  Mauban Church. The first church of Mauban was built in 1647. 

Tita Annie (green polo shirt)
Along the tour, I met Tita Annie, Head of Tourism Office of Mauban. They were busy in their weaving craft, part of Mauban's rich history and culture.  She is trying to promote weaving as part of the tourism industry in Mauban.

Kugunan Hill 

Around 5:30 pm, we went to Kugunan Hill for my sunset viewing.

Kugunan Hill

The trail to Kugunan Hill can be found at Iglesia ni Kristo and the trek is good for less than 10 minutes only.

At Kugunan Hill, you can see the entire town of Mauban.

After waiting for 20 minutes, the sunset unfolded.

Special Thanks to

Mark at Yang-In, Cagbalete Island
Mr. Mark Christian Apordo

Bok, my tour guide
My tour guide - Melvin T. De Los Santos (0999-905-8490)


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