Saturday, May 2, 2015

Waterfalls Chasing in Mauban, Quezon

barangay road leading to Barangay Macasin

Day 1 - Mauban, Quezon

After my 20-day tour in Mindanao and Visayas, I found myself  chasing waterfalls in Mauban, Quezon.  There was only a one-day gap. I had to attend the FEU graduation and the following day, I was again traveling!

How to get there

Mauban is 147 kilometers from Manila and 40 kilometers from Lucena City.

It is accessible by bus and other modes of transportation. 

Options 1 - Quezon City
Go to JAC Liner bus terminal at Kamias, Quezon City. The first bus leaves at 5 am. The afternoon bus leaves at 1 pm. Travel time is more or less 5 hours.

From Mauban, JAC Liner leaves at 4 am and 2 pm en route to Kamias Bus Terminal and 4:30 am to Buendia Terminal.

Option 2 - From Buendia, Pasay City 
Go to Buendia-LRT Taft station. There are several buses servicing the route to Lucena Grand Terminal such as JAM Liner, DLTB, and JAC Liner. As early as 4 am, they offer the trip to Lucena. Last trip going to Lucena is around 9 pm. Board a bus going to Lucena. Fare from Buendia to Lucena Grand Central Terminal is P209.50 (127 kilometers). Travel time is 4-5  hours from Buendia. 

Once you reach Lucena Grand Terminal, board the NCR Bus to Mauban. First trip is 4:30 am, then followed by 5:10 am and so on. Every 40 minutes, the NCR  bus leaves. Travel time is 1.5 hours and fare is P54. Last trip going to Mauban is 5:30 pm.  

Airconditioned  vans are also available at SM City Lucena and Metro Gaisano Lucena City Va Terminals from 10 am to 9 pm. Fare is P70. 

first hanging bridge

Thanks to Mark Christian Apordo, Rara, and Melvin De Los Santos - 0999-905-8490 (aka "Bok"), my tour guide for guiding me along the trail to my first falls.

the trail

From Fiesta Royale, I boarded a habal-habal to Barangay Macasin. It took us only less than 15 minutes and we reached the jump-off point. 

second hanging bridge

Before we started our trek, we ate a light breakfast and we started the trek.

Macasin River

We had to cross two hanging bridges! I was excited! The trail was challenging and entertaining. Rara led the way to the falls.

We even crossed acres of rice fields and rice paddies.


Finally, after nearly 40 minutes, we reached the area.
Entrance fee - P10


According to my guide, there are a total of 20 waterfalls in Mauban. To date, only four are ready or available for tourism purposes.

Bgry Balay Balay near Guardians headquarters
We spent only 30 minutes in Dahoyhoy Falls and afterwards, we went back and headed to our second falls.

Another habal-habal ride for 12 minutes and we reached the jump-off point to our second falls for the day in Barangay Balay Balay. 

Tito Bolan leading the trek
We hired another guide for the trail. The name of the guide is Tito Bolan (0910-222-3390). Guide fee depends on your kindest and most generous consideration. 

Mark and Bok enjoying the river crossing

This time we had to endure a lot of river crossing but it was still fun!

After 22 minutes of fast-paced walking and river crossing, we reached our destination -


We started from the bottom of the falls and ascended to its peak.

Hagdan Hagdan in English means staircase.

According to Tito Bolan, trekkers and mountaineers normally spend the night at the falls.

The water is clear and refreshing. Enticing!
We spent another 30 minutes and went back to the jump-off point.

We rested at Mark's house and in the afternoon, 
I was given the Inland Tour (another blog) of Mauban.

Day 2

The following morning around 7 am, we (Mark, Bok and I) met the town's Municipal Hall. We boarded a tricycle en route to Quezon City. Trike fee is P40. Travel time is 10 minutes only.

First boat ride to Barangay Luya-Luya is 8 am.
 Fare in the boat is P7. Travel time is 10-12 minutes.
There is only one boat servicing the route and the interval is 20-25 minutes. 

After 12 minutes, we reached Barangay Luya-Luya.

Then, habal-habal ride to Barangay Alitap. Fare is P30. Travel time is 12-15 minutes.
You will definitely enjoy this ride! =)
Imagine, crossing small bridges and narrow roads!

After reaching the Alitap Barangay Hall, we hired a guide named Lidon (0910-556-2985). 
He is the head of security in the barangay.

After nearly 40 minutes of trekking, we reached our destination -


Alitap Falls is composed of of seven Falls!
Yup, 7 falls!
And this is just Falls Number 1. 
Due to time constraint, we were able to reach only Falls No.1.

Trekking time for the falls
1st falls - 35- 40 minutes
2nd falls - 15-20 minutes
3rd falls - 15-20 minutes
4th-7th falls require a lot of patience, determination and sweat!


Thanks to RDML Travels (Contact persons: Randell Dy 0917 836 6506, 0998 995 7876, 0922 858 4337 and Mae Llamas, 0917 821 2796), we were able to go to our last falls by boat.

After nearly 1 hour of travel, we were able to reach one of the famed tourist spots in Mauban - Butas-Butas Beach. Part of our side trip to Cagbalete Island.

Bisibis Falls

We caught only a glimpse of the falls. We should have docked the boat and trekked the falls, but we were excited to go to Cagbalete Island. I promised myself that there will definitely be a next time.

Four waterfalls down and sixteen more to explore in Mauban.
Waterfalls Chasing in Mauban

Special Thanks to 
Mr. Mark Christian Apordo
My tour guide - Melvin T. De Los Santos (0999-905-8490)


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