Saturday, May 2, 2015

Waterfalls Chasing in Cebu: Mangitngit Falls, Carmen, Cebu

North Bus Terminal
How to get there

Board a flight to Cebu. Arriving in Cebu airport, get a taxi or any any ride to North  Bus Terminal. In the terminal, you can board any bus bound north. Travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes to Carmen. It is 41 kilometers from the terminal and the fare in a non-aircon bus is only P50. You can also board a mini-bus directly going to Carmen. Alight at the marketplace of Carmen and hire a habal-habal ride to the falls. Travel time to the falls is 15 minutes and the fare is P80 (round trip). You will reach the jump-off point (a water factory) and then trek for 5 minutes only. 

road to the falls

Day 4 
Waterfalls Chasing in Cebu

I was so tired the day previous to this waterfalls chasing that I had to slept more than the usual just to recuperate my lost energy.

I had to choose between Gaas Falls in Balamban and Mangitngit Falls in Carmen. And after a careful research through the internet, I chose Mangitngit Falls for proximity and due to the fact that it was the only falls in the north (aside from the 2 falls in Camotes Island).

going left is to the spring, going right is to the falls

I hired a habal-habal ride to the falls. The name of the driver/guide is Israel (0926-241-7570). We agreed that the price of the round trip fare is P80.

After nearly 15 minutes, we arrived at a water factory and asked permission for entry.

At the jump-off point, we asked a boy to lead us to the falls. Trek to the falls was only for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, I was already in the river and taking pictures of the trail.

The river is the usual river that I see in my travel.

But the sight of the falls made the river a bit extraordinary. There was this rumor in town that the falls was already destroyed by a landslide. Good thing I did not listen to the rumor!

The elevated spot of the hill provided me a good spot to shoot my pictures.

I was tempted to swim . But I told myself maybe next time.

I stayed only for 20 minutes and afterwards, I left and went back to Cebu City.

But Israel told me that there is a spring called Urugay Spring and we decided to drop by.
Travel time to the spring was 12 minutes from the falls.

My driver/guide - Israel.

Enjoy Cebu!

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