Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
Amazing Thailand!

Just came from Phuket prior to this tour. Four days of fun-filled adventures and still I could not get enough of Thailand!

Supalai Park

I arrived at the Don Mueang International Airport around 8:15 am Indonesian time via Air Asia.

I was greeted at the airport by Daisy (roommate and officemate of Ms. Jen Panganiban).

We boarded a bus and paid 60 bhat for the ride to the BTS train system. Alighted at the train station and went to Udom Suk (paid 52 baht). From Udom Suk, we boarded a taxi to our hotel (60 baht). Had we used the taxi,  the fare would have been more or less 300 baht and there was an early morning traffic jam!

From the airport, it took us only 30 minutes before we arrived at my accommodation - Supalai Park, Central Bang Na
BACC Apartments - Tel No. (02) 361 9525 /
Cell: 086 579 6893 / email:

It was a condo-hotel. The fee for the accommodation is 1,000 baht/day. There are so amenities that are provided by the hotel such as free wifi, free use of Sauna, free use of pool and a king-size bed!

I stayed for two days in this hotel and I enjoyed every minute of it except only for the TV shows which are all in Thai language! =)

I  was do tired that day and I slept for two hours and enjoyed the comfort of the bed.


It was past 3 pm when I decided to explore Bangkok. Due to lack of time, my options for the Bangkok tour was limited and instead I decided to have the Dinner River Cruise and see Chao Phrya River.

Along the way I encountered several Tuk-Tuk, the mode of transportation in Bangkok.

From Supalai Park, I boarded a taxi and paid 60 baht to Udom Suk BTS train station.  

From Udom Suk, I boarded the train and went to Siam line interchange, then hopped to another train going to Saphan Taksin station. 

From the said station, I boarded a ferry ride for 40 baht to River City.

In River City, I bought the Dinner River Cruise.

These are your options for the river cruise:

Wan Fah River Cruise - Tel Nos. (662) 222 8679; 223 8064: 622 7657 Fax: 662 622 7662
 website: / /

Wild Orchid River Cruise - 02-438-8228 / (662) 438-8228 / Fax - (662) 438 8226

Rice Barge Cruises - (662) 622 7657-61 / 223 8064, 222 8679 / Fax - (662) 622 7662 / 

Chao Phraya Princess 1 - 4 - (662) 860 3700 / Fax - (662) 860 1025 / / email 

I chose the Wan Fah River Cruise since it's the earliest (7:00 om) and cheapest (1,300 baht). The best cruise is the Chao Phraya Princess! 

 My Dinner River Cruise - Wan Fah River Cruise!

I was onboard the vessel and enjoying the dinner and the sightseeing adventure. 

I've had so many river cruises in the Philippines but this one is different. It is also different from my river cruise in Melaka, Malaysia and in Marina Bay, Singapore.

Only if I had somebody that night to share it with. 

Along the cruise, you will see the following tourist spots -

What Pho

Wat Arun 
(Temple of Dawn)

Grand Palace 

Last part of the tour - Thai Music and Dance

Day 2

Woke up late the following day. I have to do only two things that day. Shop and Eat!

My friend, Jen Panganiban, accompanied me to Chatuchak Weekend Market for souvenir shopping. After some shopping, we went home.

 Last part of the day - Eat All You Can for only 168 baht!

After the early dinner. I did a bit of swimming exercise, enjoyed the sauna and pampered myself with the traditional and authentic Thai Massage for only 300 baht/ hour.

Thank you Ms. Jen Panganiban for everything in Bangkok.

Amazing Thailand!!! =)

Basic Thai words

Good Morning - Sawad Dee Tou Chao
How much? Taw Rai
Expensive - Peng
Discount - Lot Noy
Yes - Day
No - May day
Beautiful - Suway
Thank you - Khop Khun Kap
Welcome - Sawaadee
Ride back to the hotel - Klab Kong Rem
Pecca - excuse me
Totot ka - sorry


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