Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phang Nga, Thailand (Adventure Travel)

In my 6 years of travel around the Philippines (and still traveling), Adventure has always been part of my itinerary. I never missed any spot wherein there is a unique or death-defying adventure. And here in Thailand, that legacy continues...

Adventure Travel in Phang Nga, Thailand!

I was staying in Sino Inn (350 Baht/day only) in Phuket town proper in Thailand. It was my first day in Thailand and I was wondering what kind of adventure awaits me in Thailand. I asked the front desk about the tourist spots and the adventures and she happily showed me the brochures which features the different places, spots and thrills in Thailand. And I chose the most expensive package which included the following:

Adult 3,500 Baht  / Child 3,000 Baht
Duration 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
- pick up from the hotel
- Visit monkey cave (Suwan Khuha Temple)
- White river rafting 5 kms
- ATV riding 30 minutes
- Lunch with delicious Thai set
- Swimming in sparkling waterfalls
- Transfer back to hotel

Adventure Travel and Tour
42/2 Moo 6 T Kathu A. Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand
Tel (66 76) 355966-7 Fax (66 76) 355967

I booked through the help of the hotel and paid 3,500 Baht. I was told that the pick up time was 8:30 am the following day (October 24, 2013). I was delighted to hear that all the pieces were set in order and I took a respite and slept soundly that night.

The following day I woke up 7 am and brought the following, namely: sungaless, hat, sunblock lotion, spare t-shirt, shorts, slippers, towel, insect repellant, camera.

I was picked up in the hotel on time and we traveled for almost 2 hours before reaching our first stop in Phang Nga.

First Stop -
ATV Ride! 

We were given a 5-minute instruction on how to operate the ATV and there we go!

We had ATV riding for 30 minutes in the jungle and along the riverbanks. 

Some of us were sliding and bumping each other while driving the ATV.  I could not help but scream as I was enjoying every minute of it!! 

That was REALLY FUN!!! =)

 Second Stop -

Tompariwat Waterfall Trekking!

From the jump-off point, we had to do a 10-minute trekking before reaching the spot.

But the scenery along the trek was fascinating, I was awed!

We took souvenir photos and wandered around.


Some of my tourmates jumped into the water and enjoyed the cool waters of the falls. But I did not join them, I simply took pictures of the place and enjoyed the scenery!

Before going to the next spot, we had our group picture photo. Different nationalities, namely: Australian, Arabs, Americans, Russians, Thai, and of course a Filipino!

Third Stop -

Sealand Camp for our Lunch

The set menu lunch was really superb! Two-thumbs up! =)

After 1 hour of resting, we went to our next adventure.

Fourth Stop - White River Rafting!

Another group photo but this time for White River Rafting!

It was a 5 kilometer river rafting! I've done this in Cagayan De Oro, Davao and Chico River in the Philippines. But the thrill of it still boosts my adrenalin every time I'm onboard the raft.

Fifth Stop -

Elephant Trekking in the jungle of Phang Nga

It was a 30-minute trekking along the muddy, rugged and perilous trail in the jungle.

I even screamed like Tarzan while I was elephant trekking.

I was having the time of my life!!

This is one adventure I will never forget! 

Last stop -

Monkey Cave
Suwan Khuha Temple

And there are so many of them...

I entered the Suwan Khuha Temple and was amazed of the structures inside.

After the temple visit, we were transferred to our respective hotels.

We bid goodbyes to each other.
Exchanged numbers and calling cards and parted with each other

But the adventure lingered!

Amazing Thailand!!!

Basic Thai words

Good Morning - Sawad Dee Tou Chao
How much? Taw Rai
Expensive - Peng
Discount - Lot Noy
Yes - Day
No - May day
Beautiful - Suway
Thank you - Khop Khun Kap
Welcome - Sawaadee
Ride back to the hotel - Klab Kong Rem
Pecca - excuse me
Totot ka - sorry