Thursday, October 31, 2013

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Legoland, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The destination was Melaka, Malaysia. But the temptation is irresistable. 
And so we went to Legoland!

Marian and Maricel accompanied me to Melaka when we decided to drop by in Legoland. 

We started our journey from the border of Singapore particularly in Woodlands where we boarded the bus en route to Johor Bahru.

We had to board the bus for only 2SGD and then alight at the boarder for immigration purposes and board anew the same bus going to JB, Malaysia.

It took us less than 45 minutes to reach JB Sentral.

From JB Sentral, we chartered a taxi to Legoland for 200 Ringgit. It took us 45 minutes before reaching our destination.

And after 45 minutes, we were there!

We stayed for almost an hour and roamed around. But we did not enter Legoland! 

You can purchase your tickets here -

Theme Park / (Online*)

Water Park / (Online*)

Combo / (Online*)

Adult (12-59)

RM 140 / (RM 112)

RM 105 / (RM 84)

RM 175 / (RM 140)
Child / Senior
(3-11) (60+)
 RM 110 / (RM 88)

 RM 85 / (RM 68)

 RM 140 / (RM 112)

Toddler (0-2)


RM10 / (n/a)

Instead of going inside, I bought souvenir items and shop a bit!

While you are in Johor, you can also visit Helly Kitty Malaysia. It is very near to Legoland.

Package Prices

Traveling PeriodAdultChild / Senior
Low SeasonS$ 46S$ 46
Peak SeasonS$ 51S$ 51
  • Adult (12-59 years old), Child (3-11 years old), Senior (60 years old and above)
  • Child below 3 years old no need to buy theme park entrance ticket.
  • You can buy a coach seat ticket separately for your child below 3 years old if you want your child to have his own seat without sharing the seat with you.
Legoland and Hello Kitty are both in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

From Legoland, I went straight to Melaka.
Malaysia, Truly Asia!


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