Thursday, October 31, 2013

Malacca (Melaka), Malaysia

From Johor Bahru, Malaysia, I went to Melaka. Originally, the plan was going to Kuala Lumpur. 
But the six hour travel is too much to bear and so I decided to go instead to Melaka. 
And it was one of my best decisions in my 8 years of  traveling! =)

my guest house
From Singapore, I rode a bus to JB, Malaysia. Reaching JB Sentral, I hired a taxi to Legoland for 100 RM. Then, from Legoland, another taxi ride to Larkin Station for 150 RM. And from Larkin Station, I took a bus ride to Melaka for almost 4 hours for 25 RM.

By the way, there is a bus (25 RM only) and a train ride from Singapore direct to Melaka. I just needed to drop by in Legoland.

Many long-distance express buses connect Malacca with both Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Johor Bahru, Singapore and other parts of Peninsular Malaysia.
All long-distance and local buses now operate from the Melaka Sentral bus terminal, a good 4.5 km from the historic core of the city.
Express buses will also drop you off at Malacca Central/Melaka Sentral. The famous bus operators in Melaka includes Delima Express, 707 Express and Transnasional.
Reaching Melaka Sentral, I hired a taxi ride to my guest house for 25 RM.

There are so many guest houses in Melaka such as Jalan-Jalan Guest House ( / and Sayang Sayang Guest House. But my Singaporean friend told me to go instead to Kawan-Kawan (606) 281 8272 / / 012-219-6788 / 012-973-8923 / 019-657-2728) No. 36 Jalan Tukang Besi 75200 Melaka (near Hard Rock Cafe). I paid only 70 RM for the accommodation. It was past 3 pm when I reached Melaka and I rested a bit and started walking and exploring Melaka.


Malacca or Melaka is the capital of the state of Malacca, on the west coast of Malaysia. It is rich in historical and cultural background from previous Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. The city center was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008, along with Geogetown, Penang, Malaysia.

When you are in Melaka, you can ride the Becca as part of your tour of Melaka.

It is better yo have the Melaka Street Map and/or the Jonker Street Map before starting with your street walking adventure.

Here are the spots that you should not miss!

Queen Victoria Fountain

Christ Church

Little India

St. Francis Xavier's Church

Dutch Middlesburg Bastion

Melaka River and Jetty Melaka River Cruise

St. Paul Church
St. Paul Hill

A Famosa

Proclamation of Independence Memorial

and the last stop for your walking... 

Menara Taming Sari
(first revolving gyro tower in Malaysia) 

Aerial view of Melaka while onboard the gyro tower

All the walking made me hungry and I was tempted to eat in one of the best restaurants in Melaka! I had to taste the famous Chicken Rice Ball!

Melaka's Must Eat Food
Satay Celup (at Ban Lee Siang  (606)  284 1935 / or Old Village 606-284-8778)
Chicken Rice Balls (at Melaka Raya Chicken Rice 016-6622255 / Kinmen Restaurant -012-3622209 / Hoe Kae Chicken Rice Ball 606-283-4751) 
Nyonya Food (at Melaka Nyonya Food - 012-638-9915)
- Ikan Bakar
- Asam Pedas
- Nyonya Laksa
- Cendol

And finally, it was a good thing it was a Sunday that day because from Friday to Sunday they have the Jonker Walk Night Market. (6pm - 12 am at Jalan Hang Jebat)and I truly enjoyed this experience in Melaka!

Other hotels
Marina Well Hotel - (606) 288 0168
Dreamz Hotel - (606) 286 8188
Venus Boutique Hotel - (606) 286 8111

Truly Asia!


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