Friday, November 1, 2013

Marina Bay and Clarke Quay, Singapore

There are two (2) places in Singapore that you should not miss when you are there. The first one is the Harbour Front (because of Sentosa Island and USS) and Marina Bay (because of Merlion, River Cruise and MBS).

And this is the Marina Bay and Clarke Quay!

From where I was staying (Clarke Quay), I boarded the MRT going to Marina Bay. From the station, I walked a bit to Marina Bay and roamed around the spot for one hour.

I saw a river cruise boat and got excited. I wanted to board the cruise badly that I immediately went to the docking area and made the necessary inquiry.

Good thing one of the staff in the River Cruise is a Filipino and he guided me on what to do.

He told me that the river cruise is worth 20 SGD but crossing the bay is only 3 SGD. And I decided to cross only and not to cruise the bay. I wanted to see the Merlion which was on the opposite side of the bay.

Arriving at the opposite side of the bay, I marveled at the view of the Marina Bay Sands (MBS). I was told by my friend Marian that I can go to the top of the MBS but I had to pay 20 SGD for the tour. "Hmmm.. I will do that next time I am in Singapore!", I told myself.

Then, I was mesmerized at the sight of the Merlion with the river cruise on the background! 

I stayed at the Merlion for at least an hour and waited for my friend Marian Gomez. Marina Bay was more fascinating at nightime. Good thing I stayed and witnessed the sunset at the Marina Bay. I love Singapore!

After taking our dinner, we strolled around and passed by Clarke Quay. Another site to behold at night with its famous nightlife adventures and bars!

Marina Bay and Clarke Quay! =)