Friday, November 1, 2013

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach (panoramic view)

From Changi International Airport, I boarded a Tiger Air plane to Phuket, Thailand. It took us only 55 minutes to reach Phuket Airport. 

From the airport, I chartered a taxi ride to Phuket town proper for 650 Baht. It took us 45 minutes from the airport to my hotel. 

Day 1 - Phuket

Arriving at the lobby of Sino Inn Phuket Hotel, I immediately inquired on the status of my booking and unfortunately, it was not reserved. Good thing there were so many vacant rooms and I was given the choice to choose between the private room (700 Baht) or the backpacker's room/shared room (350 Baht). And I chose the latter and luckily for me, I did not share the room with anyone for 3 days until I left Phuket. The hotel is near Khao Rang Hill. Thanks to Alen Mae Almazan.

Sino Inn Phuket Hotel
25/54 Mae Luan Rod., Talat Nuea, Muang, Phuket 83000
GPS N7.888043 E.98.380645
Tel. 076 234423 4 Fax 076 234425
Email: /

The only place I wanted to visit that day was the number one beach in Phuket - Patong Beach. It is known for its white sand and nightlife adventures.

So from my hotel, there are three options to for me to reach the beach. 

Option # 1 - Taxi - 500 Baht
Option # 2 - Motorcycle ride - 200 Baht
Option # 3 - Bus - 50 Baht

I chose the motorcycle ride! I love riding the motorcycle and it took us almost 30 minutes before reaching the spot.

Tip - You might not want to use the motorcycle. The road going to Patong is an uphill climb combined with long, curving and winding roads.

It was so hot that day!

Along the cruise to the beach, I passed by Phuket Central Festival Mall, the biggest mall in Phuket. 

And in case you are wondering what the public bus looks like, here is a picture of the bus.

And after the twist and turns of the travel, we reached Patong Beach!

There were so may tourists that day. Activities vary from jetskiing, paragliding, banana boat ride, beach football, topless women sunbathing, and so many other beach activities.

It was 4 pm and I decided to wait for the sunset. 

I strolled along the beach and I saw a variety of street foods ranging from the grilled seafoods, grilled meats, assorted shakes and beverages and Thai foods.

I did a bit of street food tasting and fortunately, I survived! lol

The sunset waiting was so long and I decided to mingle with the locals. They were very enthusiastic and friendly.

In  just a matter of minutes, we ended up taking pictures and exchanging stories about our respective countries.

They were busy taking their own group pictures and I decided to ask for a favor from them. And they happily obliged. The picture?! A jumpshot photo! =)

And this is it!

I bid everybody goodbyes to everybody before concentrating on my sunset photo. It was past 7 pm when this shot was taken. After 3 hours of waiting and watching beach football, I decided to go back to the hotel. I walked back from where I started and enjoyed the nightlife in Patong Beach. And afterwards, I hired my motorcycle ride back to the hotel for 200 Baht.

Patong Beach is really one of the best beaches that I have seen.

Amazing Thailand!

Basic Thai words

Good Morning - Sawad Dee Tou Chao
How much? Taw Rai
Expensive - Peng
Discount - Lot Noy
Yes - Day
No - May day
Beautiful - Suway
Thank you - Khop Khun Kap
Welcome - Sawaadee
Ride back to the hotel - Klab Kong Rem
Pecca - excuse me
Totot ka - sorry

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