Friday, November 1, 2013

Sentosa, Singapore

Aerial view of SG from the cable car ride to Sentosa
Sentosa, Singapore

It was my last day of stay in Singapore and I decided to make it special.

From Clarke Quay, I boarded an MRT to Harbor Front. In my four days of stay in Singapore, I was accustomed of using the MRT instead of using the bus or the taxi. And so I used the purple line to reach my destination.

Thanks to Marian Gomez, I have the MRT card for my disposal and Maricel Gomez for teaching me how to use the MRT.

At Harbor Front, I walked for 10 minutes before reaching my destination.

The Cable Car Ride to Sentosa.

There are 3 options in going to Sentosa from Harbor Front.

Option # 1 - by mono train
Option # 2 - by foot
Option # 3 - by cable car

And I chose the cable car ride for 26 SGD for a round trip ride.

The ride to Sentosa was good for 15 minutes only. 

Arriving at Sentosa, I immediately secured a map of the entire vicinity and studied the outlying areas.

I decided to go first to the Imbiah Lookout for my adventure.

First in the list is - The Luge

I paid 13 SGD for the 2 adventures, namely: The Luge and the Sky Ride.

The Luge was pretty much thrilling and exciting especially when you are mounting your quick turns on a downhill road.

It was really fun! =)

Next in the list was the Sky Ride!

Normally, pictures are not allowed to be taken while boarding the Sky Ride but I was able to convince the Singaporeans to take my picture while I was boarding it. =)

It was 10 minute ride back to the starting point of the Luge.

Due to lack of time, I tried my best to ride the Sky Tower. But I had to choose between Universal Studios and the Sky Tower. And I chose USS.


And I made the right choice after seeing the Universal Studios marker! I took the free bus ride until I reached the third stop of the bus ride and I alighted and walked towards USS.

The grandeur and the appeal of USS mesmerized me!

It was a mixed emotion for me. I've always seen this in TV shows and now I'm here.

It was a fantastic feeling! =)

After seeing the USS, I boarded the bus again to see the Siloso Beach.

It was already past 7 pm when I reached Siloso Beach and I strolled along the Siloso beach up to Palawan Beach. 

Then, I went to Songs of the Sea!

The water and fireworks display was really FASCINATING!!

Love it! I felt young again!

A thought came into my mind after seeing this. 

NOT today! With a broken shoulder, this adventure is definitely not for me.

Indoor Sky Diving

From that point, I took the mono train back to Imbiah Lookout, and from there boarded the cable car back to Harbor Front.

I went back to Clarke Quay that night with smiles written all over my face.
 I felt young, rejuvenated and most of all satisfied!