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Mt. Batulao and the Backpackers (our 4th trip!)

Summer 2013
Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

We simply cannot get enough adventure! 
Three weeks prior to this trek we were in Romblon and enjoying the beach. And right after Romblon, we immediately planned to have our next adventure.  We were unanimous to agree that it should be  a mountain climbing adventure. But the question is where?

Well, after a series of suggestions, the top three choices were Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Batulao, and Pico De Loro. Originally, Mt. Pulag was part of the short list but we are not yet professional climbers. And so it has been decided by the group to eliminate Mt. Pulag (for the meantime) from the list. Clock was ticking, and three days prior to to the climb and still we were apprehensive and had no decision where to hike. Finally, we decided to have Mt. Batulao, two days prior to the climb and we do not even have our itinerary. I told myself, "All is well!"

May 13, 2013 / 4:00 am

Last minute we changed our meeting place and itinerary, and we decided to go to SM Calamba. There were only 7 packers who confirmed to attend. I was the first one to arrive, followed by Jen, then Kat, then Lester at Brgy. Turbina, Calamba, Laguna. After 15 minutes, I received a call from Jonas advising us he just woke up! And after 30 minutes, another call from MJ and with the same predicament, she also just woke-up!! And Nikko was also late. I did not want to lose my temper that early morning. Imagine, our meeting time was 4 am..

So we decided to go to SM Calamba without the others and a vary a bit our itinerary. 

We reached SM Calamba 4:45 am and the van left past 5 am.

The fare from Calamba going to Olivares-Tagaytay was P70.00.

The early morning ride was smooth and we reached Olivares in just 80 minutes.

We partake our breakfast at Jollibee Olivares and first to arrive at the second meeting place was MJ. And after our breakfast, Jonas arrived!

We were short of 7-8 persons. Not everybody among our group loves trekking/hiking.

Hopefully, they would change their minds someday and join our future hiking adventure. 

And so we left Olivares past 7:30 am. And upon boarding the jeepney ride to Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. The fare to Batulao was P25.00 and the ride was good for 45 minutes. During the trip, I received another call but this time from Rico (a.k.a. Eric) and he told us that he would also be joining the hike! All is well!! 

We reached Evercrest Subdivision (starting point) around 8 am and we hired our guide Erwin (contact no. - 0909-904-5212) for P300.00 and started our trek. Rico told us to go ahead and he will just meet us along the trail. 

In just 5 minutes of hiking, we saw our destination and everybody was vibrant and optimistic about the trek. Everybody was in high spirits! And off we go to Mt. Batulao!

Our guide decided to ascend at the Old trail and descend at the New trail.

He told us that it will take us 4-5 hours to finish the trek.

Along the trek, the scenery was really refreshing and green!

I was beginning to love hiking!

After 30 minutes, we reached the jump-off point and we rested for 10 minutes.

We bought some drinks and merienda.

Our guide told us that we are very far from the registration area and we decided to continue.

It was very hot that day and there was not even a single wind. 

We just started our trek and we already felt exhausted because of the sudden rise of temperature while we were hiking.

At this point in time, Rico joined the group. 

After nearly an hour, we reached the site where the old trail and the new trail meet.

In the picture, my right hand was pointing at the old trail while my left hand was pointing to the new trail.

We decided to use the old trail (and it was a good decision).

After trekking for 1.5 hours, we were able to see Mt. Batulao and the thrill of reaching the top, revitalize our exhausted bodies.

Finally, after 4 stops, we reached Camp 1 and we took the opportunity to have pictures and videos of the place. You can spend your overnight at this site and rent the tent only for P400.00 and have your meals cooked by the locals for a certain fee. 
Contact person - Elma (0912-647-1788/0906-767-1937)

After 15 minutes, we continued our ascent. And 45 minutes prior to reaching the top, we took another rest. We are not suited for this!! =)

Notwithstanding the fatigue and heat, our spirits were still high and we continued our ascent..

Minutes prior to the top of Camp 8, it rained heavily and we were stranded at the top for 30 minutes. We were at a dilemma on whether to ascend and use the new trail for the descent or use the old trail for the descent. Since it rained heavily and the trail ascending to Camp 10 was really slippery, we decided to use again the old trail.

It was still raining when we were descending and we were very careful since the trail was very slippery. But still there were humors, bloopers, and laughter along the way..

There were three top bloopers!
The first to lose her balance and slipped was Jen. Rico was having the laugh of his life and Lester and MJ joined the laughing trip.

I think Jen slipped three times during the trek.

And for that she got the 2nd place!

Second to lose his balance was Jonas and his slipped was the longest. It was not actually a slipped, it was a mud slide!!

And for that, we awarded him the 1st place!

Hoooooray for Jonas!!!

Sorry Lester, it's not your time to shine that day (hehehehe)

It was still raining and good thing I have my waterproof camera.

And at  3rd place, was the slipped of Nikko. He lost his footing while guiding Kat and when he slipped, Kat was not able to control herself and laughed!

We were exhausted, wet and dirty! I even suffered leg cramps. But we had one hell of an adventure at Mt. Batulao. It was really fun!!! Descending, we decided to go to Caleruega.

 It took us 2.5 hours before we were able to reach Caleruega but the trek going to Caleruega was worth it.

We fixed ourselves and changed clothes at the entrance of Evercrest Subdivision. After 30 minutes, we boarded a jeep and went to our last destination that day - SkyRanch.

We paid P50.00 each for the entrance. There were various rides inside the theme park but the group chose to ride only one.

And the choice was - Super Viking!

The P100.00 that they paid was worth it. Only MJ and I, opted not to take the ride.

We stayed only at the Sky Ranch for an hour and went home. This trekking experience was one adventure we simply wouldn't forget! All is well! =)

It's Really More Fun at Mt. Batulao!  

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