Saturday, May 18, 2013

Temples (Cebu, Baguio and Cavite)

I am fond of visiting Catholic churches in the Philippines.
I have visited the churches in Bohol, Camarines Sur, Batangas, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and in some remote parts of the Philippines.

But there are three temples in the Philippines that I have also visited that are not Catholic churches and I consider them still as tourist spots in the Philippines.

First is the Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu.

Last May 20, 2011, I was in Cebu and my main reason to go to Cebu was to ride the Edge Coaster and experience the Sky Walk and zipline in the city. 

But unfortunately during that time the attraction opened past one pm and in order to save time, I hired a taxi for P600.00 and had my city tour.

First in the itinerary of the tour was the Philippine Taoist Temple.

If I remember it right, I think I did not pay any entrance fee for that visit.

The temple was built in 1972 and is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City. It was built by the Chinese community residing in Cebu City. 

I stayed and roamed inside the temple for one hour and went to my other destinations such as Fort San Pedro, Sto Nino Church and Magellan's Cross.

The second temple that I visited is the Taoist Bell Church in Baguio City which is located near the border of La Trinidad, Benguet and Baguio City.


I was in Baguio last 2012 and for P600/hour I hired another taxi and went to the different tourist spots in Baguio for 2 hours only. Part of the 2-hour itinerary was going to the Bell Church, Mansion, Burnham Park, Wright Park, Lourdes Grotto, and the Mines View Park.

The temple visit was quite short, just to satisfy the curiosity of seeing another Taoist Temple in the Philippines.

The third and the most recent was the visit at the Korean Temple in Silang, Cavite. Admission in this temple is also free.

And for me this temple is the most serene, elegant and beautiful since it is the newest and is well-maintained.

I was having my summer road trip and by chance I saw this signboard which reads - Korean Temple.

I decided to drop-by and I was not disappointed. It even has a pond!

It's fun visiting these 
various temples in the Philippines!


  1. sir san banda sa silag ung temple? tnx

  2. Sir How to get there tru commute (i mean the Korean Temple)