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Amazing Palaui Island!

Tagged as the "Paradise of the Northeast," Palaui Island was recently included in CNN's top beaches in the world and was ranked number 10. But my peronal favorite is still El Nido in Palawan.

Last summer 2013, I went to Palaui Island. Though the trip was a bit cut-off by the location shoot of Survivor (they were occupying Palaui Island), I still decided to go to Palaui. From Legazpi City, I boarded a Cebu Pacific connecting flight from Legazpi to Manila and then Manila to Tuguegarao. The flight from Legazpi to Manila was good for less than 45 minutes. While the flight to Tuguegarao was also less than 45 minutes. But the land travel from Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana, Cagayan was 3 hours!

How to get there

Air and land travel - Manila flight to Tuguegarao (45 minutes) and then land travel to Sta. Ana (3 hours)

Land travel only -  
     Option # 1 - Bus ride from Sampaloc, Manila or Cubao to Tuguegarao (9-10 hours), then van travel to Sta. Ana, Cagayan (3 hours)
      Option # 2 - Florida bus ride from Sampaloc, Manila or Cubao to Sta. Ana, Cagayan (12-13 hours)
       Option # 3 - Partas or Farinas bus ride to Laoag, Ilocos Norte (8-9 hours), then GMW bus to  Lalo, Cagayan (3-4 hours), then van ride to Sta, Ana (1.5 hours)

Note - 
First trip to Tuguegarao from Sta. Ana
Bus - 4 am / Van 3 am
Last trip to Tuguegarao from Sta. Ana
Bus - 3 pm / Van 1:30 pm

From Sta. Ana to Laoag/Vigan (7 hours)
First trip by bus - 1 am
Last trip by bus - 3 am (If you miss the last trip, go to Magapit)

Once you reach Sta. Ana, Cagayan, head to San Vicente Port.

San Vicente Port, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

It was already pas 4 pm when I arrived in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I had no plan of sleeping in Palaui Island. I just wanted to explore the island. And so I decided to spend the night in Sta. Ana proper. But I still waited and watched the sunset at the port.

RAV Transportation Services
Van for Hire
Derick Villegas
(043) 778-4657
(043) 703-0435
Facebook: RAV Electronic Services
Address: 938 Brgy. Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas 4232

Transportation / Tour services to any point of Luzon
Brand New Foton Traveller vehicles available
Equipped with GPS, wifi, videoke, RFID, Sky TV
Satisfaction Guaranteed! =)

Accommodations in Sta. Ana 

You can choose from a variety of lodging inns located near the port in the town proper of Sta. Ana. Here are some of the lodging inns.

RCB Lodging Inn - P600.00
Country Hill - P1,500.00
Joma's Lodge - P800.00
Transient - P500.00

The following morning I hired the boat for P1,500 which included going to Punta Verde, Crocodile Island and Snake Island.

 Tourist Spots in Palaui Island
Punta Verde
Baratubot Falls
Cape Engano Lighthouse
Anguib Cove
Palaui Island Campsite
Crocodile Island
Snake Island
Jerolinda Beach
Pugo Moro
Siwangag Cove
Gotan Beach

Kerwin - 0926-994-3586
Edward - 0906-759-6292

Boat Rentals
Long Distance 
Boat Rent good for max of 8 pax
1. Cape Engano Lighthouse  - P1,800 (45 mins)
2. Anguib Cove/Beach -  P1,500 (25 mins)
3. Siwangag Cove - P1,500 (30 mins)
4. Puzurobo - P1,800 (1 hour)

Cape Engano Lighthouse
Short Distance
Crocodile Island - P500 (5 mins)
Punta Verde - P750 (15 mins)
Pugo Moro - P500 (5 mins)

Boat service is only 6 hours
Additional P100 for extended  hour

Additional P300 for overnight stay at Punta Verde

Special trips
Cape Engano, anguib, Crocodile and Punta Verde - P3,500

Ms. Roselyn Fronda 
Ecozone Center

Inquiries Re Palaui

Ms. Corazon Tangcora
Pasamaboa dispatcher

The trek to Baratubot Falls is good only for 20-25 minutes

Anguib Cove is one of the best spots in Palaui Island.

Camping site
One can have an overnight stay at the Palaui island Camping Site.

They offer various services such as massage for only P300.00.
Paluto of your favorite dishes (one day prior notice is required) 
or pay P250 only for your meals.
Charging of phones, laptop  and other gadgets.
Camping fee is P250/pax.
Camping tent rent is P300.
Snorkeling equipment P250.
Homestay is good only for P300.00

Snake Island

Crocodile Island

It's Really More Fun Island Hopping
 in Palaui Island!

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  1. Oh you are a love. Thanks so much for your beautiful blog entries on the sites of Palaui Island. I enjoy watching Survivor for the landscape, animals, etc. Travel is something I do not do at my age but I can travel through my son (who went to the Phillipines this last spring) and the Survivor show and now you. How exciting and fun and educational. Perhaps you will arrange some of your pictures in a book or teach some day? What about wild animals in that area? Are their four footed animals on land (other than aligator?). Thank you again for sharing!!!!! Sincerely, Cecile (

  2. Thank you for the blog post.Very it safe to go there alone?

    1. Yup, I was alone when I went there. Enjoy your trip!

    2. Yup, I was alone when I went there. Enjoy your trip!

  3. hi sir! nice blog. cant wait to be there!:) we are also plnning to go there by next week, by somehow means of amount did u spent in going there in anguib beach?

    1. I'm sorry. I was not able to go to that beach when I went there because of "Survivor Palaui."

  4. Hi sir, napuntahan nio b ung ibang spots s palaui?

  5. Hi! Yung trip from Sta Ana to Vigan, dadaan ng Pagudpud? Balak po kasi namin after ng Sta Ana diretso sa pagudpud. Anong bus liner po ang bumabyahe dun at magkano po pamasahe?

    Salamat po!

  6. magkano po pamasahe from Sta Ana to Ilocos Norte? Kasya po ba sa 3 days trip ung Sta. Ana, Cagayan to Ilocos Norte? We're going there next week.

  7. HI! Just want to inquire which is more doable and less stressful for a 4-day trip,

    a) Manila - Tuguegarao - Sta Ana - Vigan - Manila
    b) Manila - Vigan - Sta Ana - Tuguegarao - Manila

    Am plannning to go on this April.


  8. Tanong ko lang po kung magkano bayad sa boat ride pag solo po? Plan ko po kasi mag solo travel ng nov 12 or 13