Monday, June 3, 2013

Uacon Cove, Potipot Island and Dawal

Uacon, Candelaria may not have a white sand beach but it has the best resorts in Zambales and a renowned white sand beach island called Potipot Island.

I just came from Bolinao, Pangasinan to see the famous Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Part of my May 2013 itinerary was to see the Uacon cove and Potipot Island.

From Alaminos, Pangasinan, I boarded a bus en route to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. I was asking my co-passengers and the conductor of the bus about Uacon, Candelaria and their usual answer is  - "go to Dawal."

I alighted in Sta. Cruz and flagged down another bus en route to Olangapo. I was so tired that day (earlier that day I came from Dagupan, and then Bolinao, and now Candelaria). Along the way, I was whispering to myself the name "Dawal." By stroke of luck, the passenger seated beside me named Karen  is working in Dawal. Imagine, what are the odds of having your seatmate working in the place that you will be going. Anyway, she told me  that I had to hire a boat in Dawal to Potipot Island. And so I alighted in Dawal, but the thought of Karen stayed.

I hurriedly went to Dawal and asked for a boat to the island at the front desk office of the resort. I paid P400.00 for the boat ride.

Dawal Beach Resort contact numbers - 0919-8730-952 / 0920-6651-577 / 0916-723-1108

While waiting for the boatman, I strolled inside the resort and noticed the facilities. Dawal indeed is the best resort in Candelaria. I have not seen the other resorts but from the facilities and amenities offered by the resort that I have seen and from the comments of my co-passengers, Dawal is the best!

After 15 minutes, the boatman arrived and we went to Potipot Island. The name of my boatman/guide is Vincent (0946-536-0866 / 0906-341-3968).The boat ride to the island is more or less 5-8 minutes only. You can see the island at the beach of the resort. After 6 minutes, we reached the island.

Day tour entrance - P100.00
Overnight stay - P300.00

I roamed around the island. In fact, you can cover the island in 15-20 minutes only.  I noticed how serene, beautiful and majestic the island is. It has white sand beach and there are plenty of trees planted in the island.

 The island has no electricity but it has the signal of the 3 networks (Sun, Smart and Globe). You have to bring your own food and snorkeling gear. Camping is allowed in the island. You can bring your own tent or rent it from Uacon for P500.00 for 2-5 pax. For 10-15 pax, the rent of tent is P1,500.00. 

You can also rent cottages for P1,500 (10-20 pax) or P500 (4-5 pax).

I fell in love with the island. My friends in Batangas (The Packers) need to see and visit this island. I know they will also love the island!

I had no plans of watching the sunset that day. I had to go to Iba, Zambales and spend the night in Iba. But my guide/boatman told me how beautiful the sunset is in Potipot Island. And so we waited for an hour for the sunset. And it was a good thing, we waited. My friend/student Ching commented after seeing the picture of the sunset that it was - "Dramatic!"  After taking several shots, we left the island.

Going back to Dawal, I looked back and left my heart in the island. I had to go back to the island someday with my friends. My guide told me  that I have to visit also the Pantar Paradise Mangrove area (rent of boat P1,000.00). Uacon also has a floating restaurant.

I hurriedly went to the highway to catch the bus. Unfortunately, it was past 7 pm and I was having difficulty with the ride to Iba and so I decided to spend the night instead in Dawal. It was a good decision! 

The lowest room rates are P1,600 and P2,000 godd for 2 pax. For 5-10 pax -P6,500.00.

And before I forget it, let me tell you how delicious and mouthwatering is the food in Dawal restauarant. I ordered Grilled squid medium and Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu. And it was really great! They have good accommodations and facilities. And they serve the best food in Zambales!

It's Really More Fun in 
Uacon and Potipot Island!

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  1. Yung entrance po ba per person po ba yun or by group?

  2. Hi!
    How long will it take
    From Dagupan to Sta. Cruz?
    From Sta. Cruz to Dawal?

    1. Then when I ride the bus going to Olongapo

      What do I say?
      Dawal? Candelaria? Uacon?

  3. Hi, may potable water ba sa Potipot island if we stay there overnight?

  4. Hello , confirm ko lang kung mgkano pg ngpitch ng tent sarili?