Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Whale Watching in Donsol, Sorsogon

 Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines

Whale watching is one of the best ecotourism activities one can enjoy in the Philippines. It is best enjoyed only in two places in the Philippines. Either you go to Donsol, Sorosogon or Oslob, Cebu. There have been sightings of the whale sharks in Pangasinan, Zambales and Quezon but these are not frequent sightings.

Insofar as Donsol is concerned, the best time to do whale watching is from February to April only. After April, whale shark sightings become less and less frequent. It may happen for one week there will be no sightings  or worst there will only be one whale shark present. But during March and April, hundreds of whale sharks appear. My guide told me that as early as November, initial sightings of whale sharks appear. But the best time to see them is still March.

How to get there

First you have to go to either Legazpi or Daraga, Albay. The best way is to board a plane to Legazpi. Flight time is only less than an hour. By land, travel time is 9-10 hours.
From Legazpi or Daraga, Albay, either take a jeepney or van ride to Donsol/Pilar, Sorsogon (1.5 - 2 hours). Pilar is the town before Donsol. Should you take the Pilar ride, you need to board a tricycle or another jeepney ride to Donsol. Once you are in Donsol, a tricycle ride (8-12 minutes) to the Donsol Tourist Center.

From Matnog or Bulusan, Sorsogon, jeepney ride to Legazpi and alight at the crossing of the road going to Pilar. From that spot, ride another jeepney to Donsol and then a tricycle ride to the Donsol Tourist Center.

You will love the road going to Donsol from the crossing. There will be a lot of twist and turns along the way. 

Once you reach the town of Donsol, it is a must that you should go and register to the Donsol Tourist Center.

The center will be the one to arrange for your boat ride for the whale watching.

Habal-habal Ride – Inok (0907-754-1796)

Boat ride - P3,500 (4 pax)

Should you have inquiries relative to the whale shark interaction -

Ms. Nenita Pedragosa-Loria – 0927-483-6735 / 0919-7070394
Mun. Tourism Operations Officer
Donsol, Sorsogon

Other than whale watching, you can enjoy the beach, engage in firefly watching or go to the Grotto.


Vitton Beach Resort

Standard room (4 pax) – P2,300 Single Deluxe (2 pax) - P2,200

Woodland Beach Resort

Contact person - Ms. Annie (0927-912-6313)   
Single deluxe (2 pax)  P1,800

Standard room (4 pax) P2,200

                                 Backpackers room – P500 (3 pax per room) 

And another option is the Amor Beach Resort.

Before the actual whale watching, there will be a preliminary orientation about the activity and make sure you listen carefully to the guidelines.

Enjoy your whale watching in Donsol!

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  1. Donsol beach is haven for whale sharks. The best tourist attraction in the province. :)

  2. hi sir jun,can i ask a thing dun po sa inns dat u reco the avia,rosewood and goldcrest, ung price is good for 24hrs?

  3. Check in time is the usual 1:00 pm and check out time is the following day at 12 noon. =)