Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Candaba Wetlands Bird Sanctuary

Ecotourism has various activities such as scuba diving, trekking, spelunking, whale watching and birdwatching.

And birdwatching is one of my favorite activities!

Last April 2013, I went to Olango Island in Cebu, the premier spot for bird watching. I also went a long time ago in Paranaque, Metro Manila. These are the two bird watching sites in the Philippines. And last May 2013, I went to Candaba, Pampanga, another site famous for birdwatching.

road from the town of Candaba to the bird sanctuary

How to get there

From Manila, go to Dau, Pampanga (1.5 - 2 hours). From Dau, ride a bus en route to Olongapo (P40.00 / 15 minute ride) and alight at Paskuhan Village in San Fernando. From that spot, ride a jeep to SM Pampanga (P8.00 / 5-7 minute ride only). From SM Pampanga, jeepney ride to Arayat and alight at Sta. Ana (near Jollibee). From that spot, tricycle ride to Candaba (P60.00 / 7 kilometers). Then, charter/rent a tricycle to the bird sanctuary (P200 - 300 / 30 minute ride).

 But before going to the bird sanctuary, you will not miss seeing Mt. Arayat.

And should you come early in the morning, do not miss the breathtaking sunrise along the way.'

Candaba Wetlands Bird Sanctuary

After 30 minutes, we reached the bird sanctuary.

It was 5:45 am and I stayed for 2 hours at the the sanctuary. Good thing I brought my own binoculars!

Birdwatching requires a lot of patience and waiting. And I have a little of the two but nonetheless, I still enjoy birdwatching.

Try this activity.

It's More Fun in Pampanga!

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  1. P200 - P300, is that two-way? From Candaba town to Bird Sanctuary, vice-versa?

  2. there is a shorter way...ride a bus from manila to baliwag bulacan...its BALIWAG TRANSIT there's a station in cubao...and then from baliwag ride a tricycle until bahay pare and then from bahay pare you could rent a trike that will get to the candaba wetlands or locally known here as "Donya Simang"...its 73 pesos from manila to baliwag, 100 pesos from baliwag to bahay pare and then you can negotiate for the fare upon contracting a trike driver to get you to the place