Sunday, June 2, 2013

Let's Explore Ticao Island, Masbate!

The last province left to visit in Luzon was Masbate and it was good thing I passed by Ticao Island.
Come and let us explore Ticao Island!

at the top of the boat ride from Masbate, Masbate to Ticao Island
From Masbate, the boat ride to Ticao Island is good for 1.5 - 2 hours 
and the fare is P120.00 

Once you reach the port of San  Jacinto, the next problem is accommodation.

But that is not actually a problem there are 4-5 lodging inns in Ticao Island at affordable prices.

After going to Gabbi's Lodging Inn, I decided to spend the night at Ticao Lodging Inn for P800.00 only.

They also have another room worth P750.00.

But the best spot is the Gabbi's (Ruel - 0907-1110-0660!

There was a wedding reception at Gabbi's and there was no room available. And that was the only reason why I did not choose Ticao Lodging Inn.

The following morning, I hired Mr. Roland (0919-977-7642) to be my habal-habal ride for P350.00 in Ticao Island for 4 destinations.

It was a bright and pleasant morning. But unfortunately the road to Catandayagan falls was rugged, slippery, muddy and treacherous.

But over-all, I enjoyed the trip!

Habal-habal ride (single motorcycle) being my favorite ride.

We had to cross 4 bridges that day.

And the right side picture is an example of their bridge. The bridge was built using bamboos and wood.

It was shaking and dilapidated when we were crossing it.

Another piece of adventure in Ticao Island!

After 1 and half hours, we reached the Sto. Nino Port. And we immediately hired a boat ride to our first tourist destination for P500.00 only. 

Catandayagan Falls

How to get there

via Sto. Nino - 1 hour and 30 minutes motorcycle ride and 30 minutes boat ride - P500.00

via Monreal - 30 minutes motorcycle ride, boat ride for 2 hours - P700- P1,500

via Talisay - 6 hours

Best route - Sto Nino - shortest and cheapest

Ticao island has several falls but the Catandayagan Falls is the number one spot!

After the falls, we went to Matangtubig (Monreal). 

Then, the famous Ticao island Beach Resort. It is known for offering the best diving adventure for Manta Rays found in Ticao Island.

Contact person - Vicky (0917-558-2293 / 0921-251-1152

And the last destination for the day - Altamar Beach Resort!
It has the best white sand beach in the island.

Other tourist spots
San Miguel
Burobangkaso Beach
Dalakip Lagoon, San Jacinto

It's Really More Fun in Ticao Island!


  1. Hi I just wanna inquire if you can refer someone to me for Island Hopping in Halea and Catandayagan Falls. Thans

    1. Hi! You can message the city government of Masbate and make arrangements with them regarding your concern. here is their FB page

  2. I wanna visit Ticao Island with my friend,can you please give me any idea how to get there from Cebu City?transpo is kind of a struggle :-) :-)

  3. Ticao Adventure with: Kakai Bautista, JBK Boyband, Anjo Resurreccion of 1:43 and the rest of the gang. Pls comment on the Youtube video and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE!