Saturday, December 26, 2015

Adventures In United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Day 4

I spent eight days in Dubai and I divided my blog into four parts. This is part 2 or Day 4 and this is the Dubai City Tour. Using the Big Bus City Tour, the tour would have costed 1,500 Dirhams and I chose the cheaper alternative the Dubai City Tour which was only 650 Dirhams.

First in the itinerary was the old settlement in Dubai near the Creek.

Second stop was the Dubai Museum.

Third stop was a Mosque and I forgot the name of it. That is what I get for not blogging on time. This tour happened last November 2015.

Fourth stop was an antique shop named Oriental World.

Fifth stop was Burj Al Arab.

This was the best part of the tour!

Along the way, we passed by Wild Wadi Water Park.

Sixth stop was a hotel where they have golden horses. Yup! 18 Karat of Golden horses!

I love the City Tour! Dubai is such a nice place to tour.

Seventh stop was the Atlantis!

Last stop was Burj Khalifa!

I simply love Dubai City Tour.

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