Sunday, December 27, 2015

Adventures in United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) Day 1-3

Last November 2015, while teachers and students were having our semestral break, I went to Dubai. I stayed in Dubai for eight days and as early as now, I am planning to go back on December 2016. I really enjoyed my stay in Dubai courtesy of the hospitality and cordiality of my previous students. I divided my trip into 4 blogs and this blog covers Day 1, 2, and 3. During these days, I was accompanied by my close friend, previous student, and fellow traveler and blogger MJ Corillo. This blog is for you MJ Corillo!

MJ was the one who arranged my visa and helped me find my affordable accommodation. She fetched me from the airport and accompanied me to my hotel.

with Ms. Bea Catipay

But before going to the hotel, I met my previous Tourism student (who happens to be one of the best Tourism students I've had in FEU) Ms. Bea Catipay at the arrival area of the airport.

Day 1

The following morning, I went to Dubai Mall where I was supposed to meet MJ for our first tour in Dubai.

And there I witnessed the grandeur and spectacle of Burj Khalifa.

Inside the mall, they have one of the world's biggest indoor aquarium.

MJ and I waited inside the mall for our first adventure,  the Desert Safari.

After waiting for nearly an hour, we went to to the jump-off point of the Desert Safari.

The 20-minute 4x4 Wheel Ride was simply amazing! I enjoyed the dune bashing! And we even stopped to have our sunset photography!

Upon arrival at the site, I did a bit of camel riding!

The show was about to start and we moved inside Sky Land Camp.

I enjoyed the buffet dinner, belly dancing and shisha!

But my personal favorite is donning the national attire of Dubai.

Day 2

MJ and I went to Abu Dhabi. We took the bus ride to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has no metro train and instead we used the bus as our mode of transportation.

First stop in Abu Dhabi was the Yas Mall.

Second stop was the Ferrari World.

And the last stop was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the biggest Mosque in UAE.

The mosque is one of the most beautiful and biggest mosque I have ever seen in my years of travel.

And the sunset at the mosque was stunning and captivating!

Thereafter, we went back to Dubai and met my previous students.

After taking dinner, I went to Creek and broke some sweat jogging.

Day 3

On my third day, MJ and I went to Sharjah.

We went to Sahara Mall and took our breakfast and then went back to Dubai.

That afternoon, we went to Little Manila.

We walked a bit and went to the Creek.

We rode the traditional mode of water transport in Creek.

And the scenery in Creek was outstanding.

Last stop for the day, we went shopping at the Old Souk.

Thank you MJ for everything in Dubai!


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