Monday, December 28, 2015

Adventures in United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Day 6-7

This is Part 4 or Day 6-7 of my blog in Dubai.
I stayed eight days in Dubai and I divided my blog into four parts. 

I was excited on Day 6 of my adventure in Dubai. Finally, after so many years, I will get the chance of meeting one of my close students in Far Eastern University (FEU). We agreed to meet at the Mall of the Emirates and since there was no metro, I had to use the taxi.

Cath Conda finally arrived after a couple of minutes waiting. And our first stop that day was the Gold Souk. Imagine how far is the Mall of the Emirates to the Gold Souk and we had to use the taxi again. =)

I did a bit of window shopping and I was amazed to see the 24 and 18 karat gold of bracelets and necklaces. 

with Cath Conda
We explored the vicinity and walked towards the nearest taxi stop.

Then, we boarded another taxi and went to Miracle Garden. Unfortunately, it was closed that day for renovation. I did a bit of peeking inside the garden.

Our excitement did not falter. We went back to the Mall of the Emirates but this time we used the metro which opened around 10 am.

And boarded another taxi to Deira to meet some of my former FEU students. There I met April and the rest of her classmates/friends.

After staying for nearly two hours with the group, we went back to the Mall of the Emirates again. But this time to see Cath's former classmate.

After waiting a bit, Judy arrived and we consumed an hour enjoying talking to each other. Thank you Judy for dropping by and the pasalubong

Last stop for the day was the World Village.

The Village exhibits the different nations of the world and their respective food, costumes and products. Cath and I roamed around for another hour.

We tasted some of the delicacies and took pictures of the various stalls.

I promised myself that I will be back again next year to see this village anew.

Then, Cath and I separated ways and the last person for me to meet that day was Chin. We met at the Creek.

Day 7

I did not add any thing to do on my last day in Dubai and I simply explored the streets of Dubai. My flight was slated past 7 pm and I had plenty of time to spare.

I even watched a movie at the Deira Mall.

Last person to meet in Dubai.

I tasted the shawarma for the last time in Dubai.

Past 5 pm, MJ escorted me back to the airport.

Boarded the plane and by chance, I met another of my former FEU student.

Thank you Cath for Day 6 in Dubai!

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