Monday, December 28, 2015

Reliving Phuket (Patong Beach) 2015

It was Christmas!
December 25, 2015
I went to Phuket, Thailand to relive my adventures.

As always, I was billeted in Sino Inn for 350 Baht/day  (total in Peso is P1,400) for a total of 4 days.

I arrived in Phuket 11:30 pm. Checked in at the hotel 2 am. The following morning, I booked my tours and late afternoon, I went to Patong Beach.

Normally, the payment for motorcyle ride is 300 Baht. But I was able to get it for 250 Baht. Taxi would have costed me 400 Baht.

After 25 minutes, I reached Bangla Walking Street.

Then, I went to Patong Beach and strolled around the beach for nearly 2 hours.

I waited for the sunset and took some pictures.

Then, walked Bangla Walking Street and observed the night life.

Later that evening, I went back to the hotel and took good sleep for my tours slated on the upcoming days. I'm back Thailand!!!

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