Monday, March 25, 2013

Bird watching at Olango Island, Cebu

Bird watching is one of the ecotourism activities in the Philippines. But the best spot to do it is in Olango Island, Cebu!

Hilton Hotel (nonw, Movenpick)
From Cebu City, flag down a taxi and go either to Hilton Hotel in Mactan Island or at the Angasil Port, Mactan Island. Travel time from Cebu City to any of the said ports is approximately 30 minutes. Taxi fare is P350.00. There are no public transport available except in Mandaue City but you have transfer so many times before reaching the port.

Angasil Port

Boats in Angasil leave every thirty minutes. While at Hilton hotel, every hour.

Fare is P15.00 only and terminal fee is P1.00

Going to Olango, I went to Hilton Hotel to see the port and experience the ride there.

If you want to do island hopping, fee is P2,500.

Island hopping at Olango plus the 3 islands beside Olango Island is P3,500.

Trip in Hilton to Olango Islands starts 5 am and ends 6 pm.

Arriving at the Olango Port, you have the option to choose between a tricycle or a habal-habal (single motorcycle) as your mode of transportation to the bird sanctuary.

I chose the habal-habal ride. Fee is P120. But I paid P250 that day since I made the driver wait for 2.5 hours while I do bird watching. The trip from the port to the bird sanctuary is 10-15 minutes only.

Bird Sanctuary

There are two periods to do bird watching at Olango Island.

First period is late September to March, peak season is November (south world migration from China, Japan and Siberia).

The other period is from February to March, peak season is February (north world migration from Australia). 

There are 42 resident birds and 48 migratory birds.

Entrance fee at the bird sanctuary is P30.00. Fee for your guide is between P100-200 (it's up to you). 

A lot of patience is required while doing bird watching.

The P30.00 fee includes the use of the binocular.

The guide will explain to you so many things about the birds in the area.

My guide that day is Mr. Quijano. If you plan to make reservation, the number is  0948-284-2188.

One week reservation is required especially during peak season.

After two hours of bird watching, I decided to go back to Cebu City and this time I used the pumpboat to Angasil Port. But along the way I stopped at Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan Island and visited the place.

It's More Fun in Olango Island!


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