Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bali, Truly a Paradise

Kuta Beach, Bali
I promised myself, "I will definitely be back next year!"

And I will stay for more than a week, three days was not enough. 
I have to see, feel, and enjoy Bali again.

Thanks to the change in my flight, I had to stay only in Bali for less than three days. 

After a day's stay in Singapore, I boarded my connecting flight to Bali. I arrived in Bali, past 4 pm and I immediately went to Gong Corner Guest House in Kuta, Bali and checked-in.

Gong Corner Guest House
Phone 081999700356, 082-147051475, (0361) 8781996 / Email - gong_corner@yahoo.com

Good thing the Bali airport was fifteen minutes away from my hostel. And I immediately inquired about the tours Bali offers to its visitors. Fortunately, I met someone (April Dippy) at the front desk  and she was kind enough to accommodate me in her tour. She was the one who arranged our tour and again I'm thankful for her kindness and hospitality.

April (my tour partner) and Parta (tour guide)
The following morning, we were fetched by our ride and our tour guide for that adventure. April was able to hire the tour for 375,000 Indonesian Rupiah (now, 45 USD or 450,000 IR).

Parta Bali Tours
fb page - Bali Destination Holiday
+62 85237237777

Our first stop for the day was at Wibisana for our water adventure. But April and I were not in the mood that day for water sports and marine adventure. We wanted to see and explore the beauty and grandeur of Bali. 

Wibisana Marine Adventures at Tanjung Benoa, Bali is the place to go for the best scuba diving, water sports and marine eco-adventures in Bali.

We took souvenir pictures at the beach and bid goodbye to Wibisana... for the meantime. 

After 20 minutes we reached our second stop for the day - Padang Padang Beach

While April was busy tanning and enjoying the serenity of the beach, I explored the beach. I strolled towards the northern part of the beach and enjoyed the scenery.

  Bali is simply amazing! 

The powdered white beach, pristine waters, spectacular view, world-class accommodations, rock formations and the rugged cliffs were breathtaking. 

Bali is a sight to behold!
Bali is indeed a paradise!

After staying for more than two hours, we decided to go to our next destination. There are other great beaches in Bali such as Uluwatu and Pandawa. And there so may tourist spots in Bali such as Gilis Island, Komodo, Ubud. Mt. Butuk Volcano, Kanjur and Sanur. But I have only two days to roam around in Bali. There will indeed be a next time (soon!)

After 20 minutes, we reached our third stop - Dreamland Beach!

Dreamland Beach is one of the best I have seen in my travels. It is a must that you should see this beach. Padang Padang Beach and Dreamland are totally different from each other. While Padang Padang has rugged cliffs and spectacular views, Dreamland's white sand is better and there are no rocks along the beach. It has a very long and wide coastline.

What a view indeed!

I walked along the coastline and admired the beach!

 Even the foreigners were enjoying the view and the pristine waters.

We did not mind ourselves being tanned by the sun....

We took our lunch at Dreamland Beach  and stayed for two hours. Afterwards, we went back to Kuta for our souvenir shopping. Thanks to Parta Tours for our ride!

 The market place in Bali is one of the best spots your souvenir shopping needs and they come at a very cheap price. You just have to be street smart and always ask for a discount. 

Before going to Kuta Beach for our sunset viewing, we went back to Gong Corner Guest House and placed our stuff. We rested a bit and continued our adventure. We reached the beach after 15 minutes of walking.

We waited for a couple of minutes, and there we have it - Kuta Beach Sunset!

After the sunset, we went back to the hostel. We were able to reach the hostel after getting lost again for the second time. But I did not mind the hassle, I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Thanks April for the shared adventure. 
Thank you Bali! 

Some Indonesian words/phrases 

Mahal - expensive
Mura - cheap
Trimakasi - thank you very much ( amust that you should learn this!)
Selamat pagi - good morning
Chanti - beautiful
Selamat datang - Welcome
Brapa? - How much?
Selamat jelan - Goodbye
Tida padas - no chilly
Maap - I'm sorry
Bagush! - good
Babi - pork
Sapi - beef
Ayam - Chicken
Tida suka ayam - I do not like chicken
kambing - goat
Makan - eat
Brapa barga? How much is the price?
Brapa banya? - How many?
Permisi - excuse me
Babi Guling - suckling pork

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